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Long time Parlour X friend Lisa Greenberg has been travelling to Noosa with her family for over 20 years.  She shares with Parlour X why Noosa holds such a special place in her heart and what she gets up to when she is visiting.

From the culture, beaches, restaurants, cafes, and accomodation, Lisa lists her favourite spots and some must visit locations when you are exploring Noosa.

Fairy Pools, Noosa.

Describe your Noosa experience and what makes this place so special to you. 

I’ve been visiting Noosa with my family for over 20 years and it is a wonderfully special place for all of us.  My children were just 2 and 4 years old on our initial family holiday and we stayed at Noosaville as this best suited our younger family with its calmer vibe and more relaxed atmosphere.  From our first visit we were in love – the gorgeous beaches, beautiful walks in Noosa National Park and veritable array of restaurants to choose from ensured we are frequent visitors!  We feel incredibly blessed that, as our family has evolved and grown and we now have adult children, Noosa still delivers a holiday that amplifies our togetherness while simultaneously provides enough options for us all to enjoy “time out”!

Noosa has also been integral in our important life celebrations – annual Christmas festivities, our 20th Wedding Anniversary, my daughter’s 21st, and my son connected with his current partner while we were holidaying in Noosa (even though she lives 5 minutes from our home!!).  

We now stay in Hastings St, Noosa, and I literally feel my heart rate drop when I drive into this seaside oasis.  It doesn’t take long for all of us to dump our Sydney clothes and replace them with cossies, towels and my fave Gucci sunnies all inside my YSL tote or JACQUEMUS basket (from Parlour X OF COURSE).  Then we’re out the door ready to sink our feet into the white sand and take a dip in the crystal- clear water. 

Sadly, COVID has meant that our recent trip was postponed but I have so many phenomenal memories to replay that they can keep me going till I return …… this year, I hope!

Little Cove, Noosa.

How would you explain the lifestyle, culture and essence of Noosa?

Noosa has an amazingly eclectic lifestyle that combines a chic chilled-out beachside village vibe with shiny designer shopping and delicious restaurants.  It can be as socially connecting or isolating as I desire and there are numerous activities that ensure Noosa suits everyone – from a walk/hike with friends along Noosa’s stunning headland with shy koalas overhead, to laying on and swimming in the pristine beaches, and if you love the water, but not getting wet, you can grab a stand- up paddle board and cruise along the stunning Noosa River!  

Noosa’s essence and indescribable quality simply stems from the golden, sun-drenched beaches.  Main Beach at Noosa Heads draws the most crowds, but it’s not the only beautiful beach close by.  We always visit Sunshine Beach for some larger waves, stunning Little Cove for its pure beauty and the peaceful Tea Tree Bay in the heart of Noosa National Park for some serenity.  When this natural beauty is coupled with Noosa’s wonderful climate - the sun shines nearly all year round, though the locals tell me it can get down to a ‘chilly’ 20 degrees in the winter months – its essence is abundantly obvious.

It would be remiss of me not to mention how much I admire the locals’ passion for the abundance of Noosa’s natural beauty.  They keep this wonderful part of the world clean and green and there is even a restriction on high-rise buildings on the beach!  How sensational!! 

What sites in Noosa are your favourites that you recommend to other visitors? 

  • Little Cove Beach is an absolute favourite of my entire family. Without any exception, we visit it on Day One!  It’s impossible not to adore this 100m long, sheltered, sandy beach with sparkling clear water.  Little Cove is tucked in between Noosa’s Main Beach and Noosa National Park and is accessible by a brief walk from the boardwalk.  At high tide the sand is covered, and the cove transforms into a swimming pool and at low tide there are rock pools and shallow gentle water that is perfect for kids.  (Just be aware that the beach is not patrolled)
  • Noosa National Park can be reached from Little Cove Beach by a simple 5- minute walk east along the Park Road Boardwalk. This large parkland reserve has free entry and is home to sweet and sleepy koalas.  The Noosa Coastal boardwalk itself is perfectly blended into and built around the natural landscape with multiple rest spots to enjoy the phenomenal views.  The boardwalk makes it simple for everyone to get active as it suits all fitness levels, from those wanting an easy walk or a fast-paced run.
  • Hastings St is the veritable hub of Noosa and you need only unpack your bags once during your stay as everything is within easy walking or driving distance. Filled with an eclectic mix of cafes, restaurants, bars, boutiques, spas, and galleries Hastings Street is your one-stop street.

Hastings Street, Noosa.

What are Noosa’s best locations to stay; hotels, boutique hotels, or resorts private residence?

For beachfront accommodation, there are a few brilliant options - Netanya Noosa, Tingirana, On The Beach and Seahaven serve up absolute beachfront bliss coupled with the laid-back vibes synonymous with the Sunshine Coast.  

Slightly less expensive is Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort (formerly The Sheraton) and is just across the road from the absolute beachfronts.  The Sofitel is our favourite go-to, with bright rooms, private balconies, kitchenettes and optional river or bay views.  There is a large outdoor pool with ample space for all guests to swim and, my non-negotiable but not everyone’s, an ample fitness centre too.  Just like all the accommodation in Hastings Street, everything is within easy walking distance – a few minutes walk from Noosa Main Beach and about 10 minutes from Noosa National Park.

Noosaville is a terrific option if you want to trade the beach for the river.  We stayed at Colonial Resort which offers self-contained apartments in the heart of Noosaville and adjacent to cafes and restaurants. 

I absolutely love the options and variety that Noosa offers – suitable for everyone!

Sofitel Hotel, Noosa. 

List your top coffee/breakfast/lunch locations.

1. Aromas is a Hastings St icon from early coffee and breakfast through to lunch and/or dinner.

2. Bistro C is a staple of Hastings St with great food, service and views.

3. 10 Hastings St is a great spot for breakfast with a fabulous outdoor terrace.

4. Betty's Burgers is a fave for my family.  They tell me the burgers are yummy, the service is fantastic and Betty’s “really sets the scene for the start of our holiday Mum”

5. Season Restaurant & Bar is awesome for breakfast, lunch and dinner, especially if you get a table with a view.

Season Restaurant & Bar, Noosa.

Any hidden gems only locals know about?

  • Fairy Pools - A very special experience in Noosa is swimming in the natural rock pools called the Fairy Pools along the coast of Noosa National Park, but always check the tides. In the morning at low tide the water is calm and still, and in the evening at high tide there are waves crashing over the rocks and washing into the pools.  Both are fun and it’s up to you whether you want a relaxing pool or a more tumultuous natural Jacuzzi!
  • Noosa National Park - morning walks/runs through the Noosa National Park are a must. All you need to know is keep the ocean on your left - the way in is the way out.  Allow a few hours to do the full return walk (5.4 km each way).  Alternatively, you can do the walk out to Hells Gate which takes about 45 minutes from Main Beach.  The views along the way are fantastic, keep your eyes peeled for some cute koalas and your step count will be amazing! 

 For adventure seekers, what do you recommend?

  • Noosa Oceanrider Thrill Ride for those who want pure exhilaration, or;
  • Oceanrider Dolphin Scenic Safari for less action yet still lots to see.
  • Take in Noosa from a view different angles and visual points - Jet Ski, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) or take a surfing lesson.

Oceanrider Thrill Ride, Noosa.

Where are the top 5 dinner dining locations (or more)? 

1. Bistro C – a no brainer for consistently yummy food, service and amazing views.

2. Sails – Love this place and we ensure we visit at least once during our visit.  It is so close to the beach that I can almost feel the surf spray while sitting in my seat.  The food is delicious, the service is great, and the views are stunning.

3. Noosa Surf Club – perched on Main Beach with phenomenal views, fresh food and an easy vibe. Queensland do their Surf Clubs so well and this one is no exception.

4. Sunshine Beach Surf Club – I have to break my “walk everywhere” rule and drive to Sunshine Beach SLSC but it’s so worth the drive.  Recently renovated and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s a gorgeous venue for any meal.  My husband always takes a coaster home and uses it at work to remind him of our fabulous holidays!! 

5. For a great casual meal in Noosaville I thoroughly recommend Rasa for modern Asian cuisine that is yummy and casual.  Rasa was the first restaurant we visited 20 years ago and the “BLOODY NICE CHICKEN” on the menu delighted my children.  They loved ordering this dish and we still get a giggle out of their innocence back then!!

6. Massimo's Gelateria – after every meal, while I enjoy a coffee, my family insist on gelato from Massimo's.  They say it’s the “best gelato in Noosa” and who am I to argue!  Definitely worth a visit.

Are there any neighbouring locations or must-see spots you can suggest? 

Sunshine Beach is a simple 5- minute drive from Hastings Street and definitely worth a visit.  The beach is gorgeous, and the waves are bigger than in Noosa Main Beach.  There are lots of cafes for food and coffee and Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo isn’t too far either.

Bistro C, Noosa.

What is your ideal day in Noosa?

  • Early walk/run through Noosa National Park then abs/core/muscular routine – I am consistent with my training as it’s imperative for my physical and mental health.
  • Coffee from one of my fave spots.
  • Grab my towel and hit the beach with a book or podcast.
  • Sun, swim and SPF at one of Noosa’s magnificent beaches, then return to the pool, stopping first for a healthy salmon / chicken salad on the way.
  • Love a good “glamour nap” after lunch.
  • Shower then out for dinner with my fam.

 What is your Parlour X dress-code when in Noosa?

I’ve acquired so many amazing pieces from PX over the years which makes it easy to pack and mix and match for stylish yet simple choices:

Day time – Fendi swimsuit, Christopher Esber dresses, Fendi skirt, Paco Rabanne body suit Maison Poi shorts and shirts (and blazer if cool), Balenciaga sneakers, BV slides and my obligatory YSL tote or JACQUEMUS basket.

Night - its simple to add a fab Paco Rabanne pendant or earrings to my Esber dresses or if I’m feeling fancy my BV one shoulder dress takes me from sunny to shiny.  And my long silver metallic or fluro yellow Balenciaga skirts can be thrown over a t shirt or body suit for an edgy but comfy feel.

Hastings Street, Noosa.

How long should you stay in Noosa when planning a visit?

I’m always grateful for anytime in Noosa, from a long weekend, to a week or two.

When is the best time of the year to travel to Noosa? 

  • September to November are gorgeous months and not too busy.
  • December and Jan are great but expect lots of crowds.
  • My favourite time to visit is anytime between February and April – bliss!

Keep up with Lisa Greenberg on Instagram @LisaGPerfectlyImperfect. Read our X Files Interview with Lisa Greenberg here. Image via: Google. 

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Long time Parlour X friend Lisa Greenberg has been travelling to Noosa with her family for over 20 years.  She shares...

NSW Luxury Travel

NSW Luxury Travel

Long time Parlour X friend Lisa Greenberg has been travelling to Noosa with her family for over 20 years.  She shares...

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