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When you meet the fabulous Lisa Greenberg, instantly a smile appears on your face. From a young age Lisa knew she was all about fitness, fashion & helping others & transformed her passion to dedicate her life to empowering & supporting others. Since closing her fitness studio after 20 years, Lisa started @LisaGPerfectlyImperfect where she has a holistic approach in helping women to look & feel their best in a world where expectations are high & it is easy to be caught up in everyday pressures & anxieties. Lisa encourages people to reach their goals in both fitness and fashion by providing helpful personal fashion tips for each individual body & style & a platform which helps motivate a positive mindset surrounding self-esteem & body image. In our X Files interview with long time Parlour X friend, we talk with Lisa about dressing to feel confident, staying healthy, motivated & happy & of course her Parlour X Styling tips on dressing for every occasion. 

Lisa Wears: Christopher Esber Backless Wireless Rib Dress, Bottega Veneta Board 90mm Sandals, Paco Rabanne Eight Link Choker, & Paco Rabanne Eight Link Nano Drop Earrings from Parlour X. 

Briefly describe your early years and what shaped you into adulthood?

Fitness, fashion and a sincere desire to help others to recognise their unique “awesomeness” and feel amazing were obvious even in my childhood!!  I spent my early years roller skating, choreographing dance moves for my friends and inventing weekly aerobic routines!!  Couple this fitness obsession with dressing and styling my Barbie dolls and I can now see where my foundations were laid! 

Please unpack your career journey…

When I left school, I followed the girls to Sydney Uni to complete an Arts Degree.  Unfortunately, I didn’t attend a single lecture, but rather joined every social group, from snow skiing to water polo, sailing to dancing and diving to volleyball.  I also vividly remember keeping a journal of my daily clothing choices to ensure I didn’t double up on a look!  Not surprisingly, after a few months, I realised an Arts Degree wasn’t for me and I enrolled in an Aerobics Instructor’s Course and my passion was ignited!  Determined to gain and share more accurate information, I completed my degree with a Bachelor of Sports Science, thus pursuing my dream to learn everything possible about food, fitness and exercise.  

Please explain your business LPRESULTS?

After I graduated with my Sports Science Degree, I started LISA’S PERSONAL RESULTS.  I was newly married, with a baby daughter and a burning desire to share accurate and authentic information for real women who want to look and feel their best.  LPR quickly evolved from a small “Mums and Bubs Walking Group” to an intimate fitness studio.  I knew every client, their families, birthdays, likes, dislikes and dreams - it was my dream come true!  The goal of LPR was to make exercise effective, fun and personal, and to help every individual achieve their PB while laughing and feeling joyful, inspired and connected everyday. 

After twenty years, I closed LPR FITNESS STUDIO and pivoted to @LISAGPERFECTLYIMPERFECT where my goal today is more holistic and to help women to feel and look their absolute best in our perfectly imperfect word, where expectations are high, stress and anxiety are amplified, and self-love is decreasing rapidly.  I am blessed to mentor these women and show them that self-love is an “inside job” and can be attained through fitness, food, fashion, fun and a positive mindset.  To say that I love my job is massive understatement.

Lisa Wears: Maison Poi Tissue Perfect BlazerChristopher Esber Reverse T-Bar Halter Rib CamiPaco Rabanne Square Mesh Folded Earrings, & Saint Laurent 372 Signature Cat Eye Sunglasses from Parlour X

Style is something that is very important to you.  Please explain the personal shopping experience you provide…

A large part of @LISAGPERFECTLYIMPERFECT is still my fitness training which is now even more personal and occurs in a small bespoke studio.  I have a small group of gorgeous ladies who work hard to achieve their best functional and aesthetic bodies, and then we celebrate their achievements, big or small, with an amazing personal shopping experience.  Fashion is an integral part of my life and I always assumed that the passion, pleasure and happiness I receive from shopping and styling is shared by everyone. 

Sadly, this isn’t always the case.  Many women have low self-esteem, self-love and self-worth and also experience “body dysmorphia” – they are unsure how to dress to best highlight their shape, regardless of their age.  By sharing the Parlour X experience with my ladies, they learn to embrace their bodies, enhance their physiques and enjoy every moment of their perfectly imperfect lives!!  I receive such phenomenal bliss when my clients look in the mirror and tell me how wonderful they feel!!

Please describe your daily routine…

I LOVE the mornings and I’m awake at 5am every day, with or without my alarm!  This is my daily routine:

  • As soon as I open my eyes, I focus on five specific things in my life that I’m authentically grateful for and say “Today is a great day” (I try to whisper so I don’t wake my husband but often my energetic enthusiasm is a little too vocal!!!).
  • Next, I spend some time in loving and kindness meditation, just sitting quietly, nothing fancy or cross legged – I’ve learnt that it’s impossible to be angry AND thankful at the same time.
  • I keep my skin healthy by following my simple and sensational Rodan & Fields skincare routine and I’ve never had more compliments about how fresh my skin is (especially considering I only wear tinted BB cream in the mornings while exercising and training).
  • Just before 6am I head outdoors for a walk / run which is my daily medicine – increasing my fitness, immunity and strength, while decreasing anxiety and stress while pumping up my energy for the day. I also use this time to plug into my mentors and listening to fab podcasts.
  • After a large almond cappuccino and protein/chia seed/apple cider vinegar smoothie (sounds gross but it’s delicious and keeps me full for hours) I’m ready to share my contagious energy and learning with my ladies.
  • After a few hours of fitness and exercise mentoring, I pivot my focus away from fitness and onto more wholistic and total body well-being goals!

Lisa Wears: Jacquemas Le Gilet Noue Top, Paco Rabanne Floral Ribbon Knit SkirtBottega Veneta The Chain Cassette BagBottega Veneta Point Twisted Strap Heel, & Paco Rabanne Chain Link Earrings from Parlour X.

You are also on a personal journey which has extended to helping others and you’ve begun an Instagram account @lisagperfectlyimperfect.  Why did you start this messaging channel and what is the main focus?

A few years ago, I had a personal trauma, hitting rock bottom and I thought I was the only one who wasn’t living a sensationally perfect life.  I’ve since learnt that everyone stumbles to some degree - it’s ok to struggle and more importantly, it’s absolutely phenomenal to get back up again!  The problem with the stumble is the attached guilt and shame which prevents the phenomenal rise.  We all have our struggles, some bigger than others, but judging ourselves on the fall rather on the “rise” seldom leads to an amazing life. 

The essence of my initiative is to create a community for the acknowledgment and nurturing of daily self-care, self-belief, self-worth and self-esteem. My page is for all women who feel disconnected from life because disconnection is a spectrum and is felt to varying levels.  I hope to improve daily connection levels, so the spectrum doesn’t swing too far and lead to disconnection, detachment and isolation.  Living my best life means practicing gratitude, love, health and happiness, and for me fashion is a HUGE part of living my best life.  

What is your life motto?


Through my own adversities, I’ve learnt that life is never a straight line – falling is inevitable, rising is hard but staying down is harder.  So, I choose to be brave, choose courage and live life everyday – one day at a time! Today I choose to live a sober life and my sobriety has reignited and encouraged my passion for learning.  Successful living to me means learning, living in my integrity, challenging myself, being courageous, choosing courage over comfort and discomfort over resentment, making mistakes and being vulnerable while ALWAYS being grateful for the day I’m in.  It’s that fine line between enjoying the moment but not living there forever, striving to improve but smelling the roses along the way and accepting my imperfections without complacency.

Lisa wears: Maison Poi Fluid Split Leg Pants, Maison Poi Fluid Circle Blouse, Paco Rabanne Chain Link Earrings, & Paco Rabanne Chain Link Pendant from Parlour X.  

What are your top 3 styling tips?

  • Always combine what I see with my intuition which has never led me astray. I always follow my instincts when making my fashion choices then add edginess, individuality and fun! Life is too short to be sensible!!
  • As I get older, my fashion choices are less about skin and more about shape. My body is strong and muscular and while I choose to celebrate by body with amazing clothing, I also choose to enhance my shape without flaunting too much skin – I’m 51 not 21!!!
  • While aesthetics are extremely important to me, comfort must register in my decisions. I always do the “sit test”, “bend test” and “walk test” before making a purchase – exhausting but necessary.

What current PX outfits/pieces would you wear for each of the following occasions:

  1. Brunch out with friends – can’t choose between white Christopher Esber backless wireless rib dress or the navy Christopher Esber orbit ruched dress with CHLOE slides and Paco Rabanne chain link earrings …. blessed to have so many amazing choices!!!
  2. Dinner out – my Bottega Veneta twist back fringe dress with Bottega Veneta lido mules and Paco Rabanne mesh earrings is on high rotation at the moment.
  3. Cocktail event – my one shoulder Bottega Veneta dress with Paco Rabanne chain link pendant and Bottega Veneta chocolate board sandals are an absolute fave.
  4. Every day out-n-about – I realise that for some, “everyday” clothing can mean “relaxed choices” but because I’m always in active wear for work, I embrace every opportunity to enhance my happiness by choosing amazing clothing – Maison Poi fluid split leg pants and fluid circle blouse in orange, Paco Rabanne chain link pendant worn as a belt and clay Bottega Veneta point twist strap heels.
  5. Hanging at-home-wear - loving my Maison Poi shorts, Christopher Esber reverse t bar halter cami and Balenciaga sneakers.

Lisa Wears: Isabel Marant Etoile Marvin JumpsuitJil Sander Faux Fur Crossover SlideBalenciaga Everyday Wheel Belt BagPaco Rabanne Chain Link Chunky Bracelet, & Paco Rabanne Eight Large Stud Earrings from Parlour X. 

What are your favourite PX brands?

I am so lucky that PX offers me such a wide variety of fabulous brands - Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Christopher Esber, Comme des Garcons, Ellery, Fendi, Jacquemus, Maison Poi, and Valentino are probably my faves at the moment.

What do you love most about visiting Parlour X?

A visit to Parlour X always amps up my already positive mood – the phenomenal and gorgeous team, divine clothing, beautiful building and fabulous fun that I always have when I set foot inside Parlour X is an absolute credit to Eva and the experience that she has created.  I am grateful that PX is a part of my perfectly imperfect life.

What is next for you Lisa?

@LISAGPERFECTLYIMPERFECT is evolving rapidly and I’m incredibly grateful.  I’ve learnt that PURPOSE = PASSION + SERVICE and I live my purpose daily and authentically by focusing on the fabulous journey, not the end-point destination.  I aspire to grow, inspire and promote connection to our perfectly imperfect selves through self-love, self-worth and self-enoughness.  I’m overwhelmed by the number of like-minded brands, labels and community groups who are reaching out to help me share my purpose.  And when I can share this purpose dressed in my Parlour X pieces, life is incredible!!

Keep up with Lisa Greenberg on Instagram @LISAGPERFECTLYIMPERFECT. Hair by Connie @cheveux_hairandbeauty_

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