Founder & Director of the Black Diamondz Group, Monika Tu is a Chinese-Australian executive renowned for leading the revolution of global buyers into the Australian property market. Being a successful leader & business person in a male dominated industry, Monika has built a league of her very own. In 2019, Monika was awarded the National Top luxury Property Sale. As a passionate fashion & art lover, Monika Tshares her path to building a successful business, new ventures, her personal styles & why she loves shopping with Parlour X. 

You have been running & expanding your business Black Diamond Property Concierge for decades. What has been the most rewarding & the most challenging aspect of running your own successful business?

The most rewarding aspect of running my own business is that you are in charge of its success. You see how your daily decisions can either make or break you & you never stop learning. While there are so many benefits to running your own business, there are just as many challenges, including being responsible for other people's livelihoods & my own. I have a team of staff who rely on me, & I never forget that.  Every day I look to grow the business not only for myself but for my dedicated team.

Monika wears: Paco Rabanne Eight Link earrings, Bottega Veneta Cut Out dress & Bottega Veneta Point Twisted heel from Parlour X. 

Where do you think you get your entrepreneurial spirit from? Are you able to give some advice to others on any lessons you have learnt? 

I came to Australia with very little after working in corporate jobs.  I was good at what I did, but I never felt inspired; I lacked passion. When I moved to Australia, I had an opportunity to work at a small corner store, & I turn it into a thriving, market-leading international business.  I felt the passion every day as I grew that company & that passion still drives me today. 

Three pieces of advice to the young generation about entrepreneurship is;

  • Find something you can get passionate & stay passionate about – don’t just chase the money.
  • Know your market better than anyone else.
  • Be prepared to make sacrifices – there will be many. 

Monika wears: Ellery Pizzocheri Squiggle earrings, Maison Poi Fluid Victorian blouse & Maison Poi Tissue Split pencil skirt from Parlour X. 

What changes do you see happening to the industry as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

I am fortunate to deal in exclusive luxury property.  I have sold many properties during this period because my client's wants & needs changed. They are a little less focused on the perfect property & instead wanted stability – we can always renovate later!  

You've been acknowledged for numerous industry accolades on your business success as well as your contribution on connecting the Chinese communities in Australia. How would you like to define the word 'Influence' & what is your advice on building a successful personal brand?

I think too have influence is very powerful. I have always wanted my influence to positively affect my business dealings, community, & the broader Australia/Chinese relations. I am proud to have used my personal brand for good, to help people aspire to the best things in life & too give back. I think to build a successful personal brand; the most important thing is to be genuine, never forget who you are.

Monika wears: Saint Laurent Tailored Tuxedo Blazer, Saint Laurent Tiger Print Tie Up blouse & Maison Poi Tissue Perfect pant from Parlour X. 

Interacting with your networks on social media has been a great component of your day to day life, what's your newly favourite digital media outlet?

I love social media!  I love the ability to speak to a vast audience all around the world with a click of a button.  I am an avid user of Instagram, & I find LinkedIn fantastic for business interactions; however, I must say that WeChat & more recently, my live streams on Weibo are my favourite way to communicate with my fans. My live streaming is viewed by over 26,000 people. I feel very blessed to have such a loyal following.

As a true fashion lover, describe to us your personal style?

It all depends on the occasion.  At my heart, I am a businesswoman, & I believe that looking the part helps make you the part.  I always put together outfits that make me feel confident no matter what the situation & they always have to have a little hint of fun.  A pop of colour here or a bit of sparkle there; that is what makes it enjoyable!


Monika wears: Paco Rabanne Contrast Button Jacket, Paco Rabanne Turtleneck Constellation Knit, Paco Rabanne Spotlight Mini Mesh skirt& Bottega Veneta Point Twisted heel from Parlour X. 

What you love the most about Parlour X?

When it comes to fashion, I know what I & my standards are higher than a pair of Saint Laurent stilettos. There is only one place I trust to always deliver the very best in curated ready-to-wear designer collections from around the world, & that is Parlour X.  I love that I feel like I am not just a client but truly cared about. I can always find what I am looking for, no matter what the occasion.  

Walk us through your daily routine?

No two days for me ever looks the same, but I can tell you that I am late to bed & early to rise; I've never needed much sleep! One day I can be listing a $15 million house, the next, I am being filmed for a live broadcast.  My days are long with meetings & commitments from morning until night…& I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Can you discuss some of the projects you will be working on in the coming months?

I have several fascinating projects coming up, but you'll just have to stay tuned to my social media to find out more! 

A huge thank you to Monika Tu for talking with us. Keep up with Monika Tu on instagram @monikatu88, @black_diamondz_international, @clubdiamondz_international, on WeChat & live streaming on Weibo. Images by Justin Xie of Paper Cloud Atelier, HMU by Vicky Chen 

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