Sener Besim is an accomplished Australian Fashion Retail consultant turned renowned designer. With a focus on fine jewellery & eyewear, Sener Besim creations are handcrafted with a focus on quality craftsmanship with an aesthetic that encompasses art, design, architecture & style. 

Parlour X is proud to be the exclusive location for Sener Besim in Sydney. 

X-Files speaks with Sener and asks him how he is dealing with the changes personally & within his business from COVID-19 crisis. 

How has this crisis affected you?

We were due to open our first store early April, this has been postponed due to Covid-19.

Stage 3 restrictions forced the team to communicate via Zoom conferencing which we quickly got used to, this was the beginning of change for all of us.

The lockdowns forced us to stop, slow down and this was not an easy thing for me.

Although I am dedicated to meditative practice, I also am one of those people who likes to feel productive, always planning, on the move, creating, going to meetings, socialising etc so to have blocks of down time at first was sobering.

It however allowed me to finally accept that it was okay at any time to just be and sit idle, be in the moment, be present, this usually was only reserved for my morning mediation practice. 

It strengthened my mediation practice as I practiced more than usual and the more I mediated the more present I became. 

This led me to be precise as to what was important and what was not, as a result I feel I have made better decisions, more focused decisions with home and with work.

I re-discovered and re-connected relationships with family and myself, I have enjoyed the slower pace.

This on the extreme level could be significant for a lot of people and their own evolutionary paths as they have been forced to go within at some level as opposed to rely on an external/outside energy, an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and have this time to reflect.


How will you navigate this process? 

Professionally..We will wait for the advice on our State government to announce when we can safely open and work through how we can do in that ensuring safety for our team and for our customers. 

Our approach to our brand and retail environment reflected the luxury and high-end values of our brand so it was already going to be an extremely personal approach, It now may be even more relevant with social distancing becoming a pre-requisite.

Standing for something at this particular time is very important I feel.

Fashion for me was always about creativity and beauty, approaching our work and reinforcing these values is what we will prioritise coming out of this experience

I think this will be a really progressive time in our history it will make for really interesting period ahead, I’m excited with what’s to come.

Personally & philosophically..Without a doubt what will not be easily forgotten is that we learn more about ourselves when we are completely out of our comfort zones.

What changes to your life will you make as a result of this experience? 

Personally, I will be making sure I take time for myself.

Time for reflection and personal connection will remain important as it has an ability to not only increase happiness and well-being but I discovered that it improves efficiency, through awareness and clarity.

What advice do you have for your peers? 

Increased awareness and solidarity are amongst the things we can see that have been enhanced, the benefits of our collective consciousness are still unfolding and it’s up to us to continue with the conversation and the commitment to create more inspiring and sustainable outcomes for ourselves.

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