You are the founder and digital publisher of Oracle Fox but you also wear many hats as creative director, visual artist, illustrator, photographer and stylist. What do you feel best represents your role? 

One of the best aspects of my work is that I get to combine all of these creative elements into the content I produce for Oracle Fox. I really love creating imagery and styling each shoot in a unique way, I think about everything from an artists perspective and work very hard to make sure that each image is beautiful and of the highest quality. I am a perfectionist at heart and I hope that it comes across in everything I do for Oracle Fox.

How has your internationally recognised platform, Oracle Fox evolved since you started, in 2010?

The industry has really evolved in the past few years and there are so many more creative opportunities for us to showcase our work and aesthetic. In addition to personal style, most of my days now are spent creating editorials and campaigns for some of my favourite brands, it’s a role that I love and something that has really grown with my business.

Being creative is inherent to you. What stimulates the creative process?

My creative process always begins with an idea of how I want the end result to look, and I actually work backwards from there as I brainstorm and mood-board how to make that idea can come together visually. Projects have a way of taking their own natural course and sometimes the best thing you can do is work with it and go with the flow. Amanda Shadforth Parlour X Interview

Tell us about your connection to art. 

From an early age I always had a love for drawing and painting and throughout high school I received awards for my work in art. After finishing school I decided to focus on making a living out of being an artist and was lucky enough to exhibit both nationally and internationally, which allowed me to be recognised as a respected photo-realist in the industry for several years. Art has always been an integral part of my journey and now I use that creative space mentally with my photographic and styling work for Oracle Fox and the Oracle Fox Journal.

What is your style philosophy?

Clean and modern with an edge.

What investment pieces do you feel is paramount when building a wardrobe?

Every wardrobe needs a good pair of leather pants and a classic black blazer, to keep things contemporary I always invest in key seasonal accessories to mix up the styling. This is always my fallback outfit and the base of so many outfits I wear.

What has been the most memorable moment(s) in your career thus far?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Louis Vuitton in Australia and being in the audience for Marc Jacob's final show at Paris Fashion Week was a true honour. The production was so incredible; it was like something out of a dream. I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. Amanda Shadforth Parlour X Interview

In your opinion, what do you feel the future of the Australian fashion industry holds?

The Australian fashion industry is so well respected internationally, I think we’re very lucky to have some of the most innovative and interesting talent right here on our shores. We have the advantage of being separated from the rest of the world, which allows us as individuals to speak with a unique voice. I have been lucky to be involved in a small way with the Australian Fashion Chamber and find it enriching to learn and work with our incredible designers. In my opinion I think that the future is very bright and I know that many people agree with me.

What advice would you give someone following your career path.

First and foremost the key ingredients are dedication and passion, having a site is all consuming and you have to completely love and be authentic with what you create for your readers.  Having a unique and interesting point of view either through words or images is also really important; you want to translate your personality across in a genuine way with what you do. Also, a sense of imagination and adventure never go astray either.

We love following your journey. What can we expect from you next?

We have some amazing collaborations rolling out in the upcoming months, with some incredible world-renowned luxury brands, which I’m really excited to share. We also have some beautiful editorials that I will be photographing and styling along with some my favourite creatives for the Oracle Fox Journal… make sure you stay tuned. Amanda Shadforth Parlour X Interview You can find Amanda on Instagram @oraclefox




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