Lindy Rama-Ellis is a mother of four, and Creative Director of emerging destination wear brand, RAMA VOYAGE. The former model and entrepreneur divides her time between Melbourne and birth-place of Bali. With a dynamic and full lifestyle, we talk to Lindy about motherhood, balancing city with island life, as well as her devotion to skincare. For Lindy’s Bali vacation guide, read it here.

Living and dividing your time between Indonesia and Australia must have both its challenges and highlights. What influenced your decision to live between both places?

I really enjoy living between both Bali and Australia and the benefits far outweigh the challenges. It was after my father passed away in 2006 that I felt a longing to connect and identify with my family in Bali. Now that I have been here for more than seven years, I really feel like it is home. It’s such a beautiful place to live and grow up in. My children also attend the highly regarded Green School in Ubud, which offers a natural, holistic and student-centred education in one of the most incredible environments in the world, they are all very settled and happy here. Having to travel to Australia for work and to visit family and friends, I feel that I almost have the opportunity to lead two separate lives in a way, which really aligns with my personality.

Describe the style differences between both Bali and Melbourne.

My style changes in both places. In Bali, I am very relaxed, and my wardrobe is reflective of the tropical climate. I go make-up free and live in slides and slip dresses. I also live in my label RAMA VOYAGE, which was born with the Balinese climate in mind, I wanted to create luxury resort wear as there was a big gap in the market. When travelling and working in Australia I have the opportunity to express my love of fashion. My staple style often includes great denim, typically skinny jeans or leather pants, a relaxed shirt or tee and an edgy well-cut blazer. Melbourne style in particular is very European, I admit I love the contrast of the weather in winter when I get the chance to rug up and layer with woollens and coats.

In the last decade, you’ve worn many fashion hats and have become known for your glamorous approach to dressing up (particularly in Maticevski!). What influences your approach to style, today?

To be honest, I just don’t over think it. I wear what feels natural and comfortable to me. If there’s one rule I stick to, it’s definitely ‘less in more’. I feel that now I am 40, I have a really strong sense of who I am and my style.

What are you working on now?

I always have multiple balls in the air! I’m continuously working on RAMA VOYAGE, our second collection is about to drop so that has been very time consuming. I am also kept busy being the ambassador for La Mer and Omega, two brands I genuinely love, respect and really enjoy working for. Plus, I’m always working on different projects and campaigns back in Australia.

Tell us more about Rama Voyage.

It’s been a passion of mine to create my own luxury resort label for a long time. Something that resembles me and my life in Bali. I also felt like there was a gap in the market for beautiful and effortless pieces that can translate easily from day to evening, so it was a natural progression for me to launch the brand. We are about to release our second collection later this month, which is really exciting.

What is your approach to staying organised as a working mother of four?

To be honest, I still think like a lot of working mothers I’m yet to master this. It can be a juggle, but I am really focused on working during the day hours, when my big children are at school, so I can invest quality time with them at home in the evenings. My children always come first, so I fit work in around them. This often means, I end up doing a lot of work on my phone on the go during the day, I don’t even own a laptop! I have become skilled at multi-tasking.

What have you found to be the most useful piece of advice thus far?

To make sure you have a great team. I have learnt I can’t be everything to everyone, so I need to identify my strengths and work to those and find others who can support my weaknesses.

What are you most proud of, personally and professionally?

My children are my biggest achievement, watching them grow and evolve into beautiful young people is the most rewarding thing. I am also really proud I have stood the test the time and have lasted over 20 years in this industry. It can be a very difficult industry, particularly as, dare I say it, an older woman, but I have worked extremely hard and feel like I have maintained some relevancy, even during my four pregnancies. I also feel like over time I have established relationships with some really incredible people, who continue to inspire me and help me evolve.

You are an avid user or La Mer (much like Eva Galambos!) and an advocate of looking after your skin. What are your rituals in keeping a healthy and balanced skin care regime?

I rarely wear a lot of make up so good skin is a must for me. My La Mer products cater to my skin’s needs; particularly given my age and all the travelling I do. I use my products twice-daily, no matter where I am. My must-have item is the La Mer Hydrating Facial Masks, these are the best for long haul flights. I also try to keep an eye on my diet and eat non-processed foods whenever I can, and lots of wild caught salmon!

Your top travel tips?

Because I travel frequently, I have a number of tips! Always use quality headphones on the flight and drink electrolytes to help combat the dehydration. Carry on and use a good quality moisturiser and apply it regularly during the flight if you can. Pack as little as possible, I often just opt for carry on avoiding annoying waiting time at the carousel. When you arrive at your destination, immerse yourself in the location, enjoy the ‘off beaten path’ and let yourself get lost and immersed in what the place has to offer. It’s the only way to truly experience a place.

What’s next?

Enjoying family time with my kids and husband is number one and watching RAMA VOYAGE grow. I also have a few projects on the go, which will come to light soon, then who knows! My goal in life is just to continue growing and evolving.
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