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Diane Gorgievski

Diane Gorgievski

Hair stylist extraordinaire Diane Gorgievski is one of Sydney's top hair experts. Making a name for herself travelling the globe & working with the most prestigious hairdressers internationally, Diane launched her own business Koda Cutters in 2016 with a wealth of knowledge under her (styling) belt. Having worked on many editorial shoots & runway campaigns, X Files sits down with the super talented Diane to talk about running her successful business while raising a family & what is coming next.  

Briefly describe your early years. Where did it all begin?

It was always fashion, music and the arts for me. When I started sweeping the floor at 15 I loved the environment with music playing all day - I told my parents I am leaving school. Much to their dismay - I signed my apprentice papers and I was in the workforce - I look back now and look at kids that apply for jobs and think (Gees, that was young) but here I am! Then expressing myself through hair became a thing!

What was it that first made you interested in becoming a hairstylist?

Watching all the seniors chat and create - I was in awe of their skills - hair salons are a great environment where you can express yourself through what you wear and experiment with your hair and makeup! Listen to the best tunes and CREATE! It is a physical job, but there is a science to what we do - I was intrigued by the formulas and facts about hair. Knowledge is power and I had amazing training - I see that now especially travelling and I am grateful that I learned the basics very well. A lot of hairdresser don’t have a valid licence and don’t want to retrain - I live learning and still do.

Diane wears: Sparrows Weave Balloon Long Dress in Khaki, Sparrows Weave Medium Classic Bag & Valentino Rockstud Sneakers from Parlour X

You’ve travelled the world creating captivating looks for fashion shows and brand campaigns, are there any in particular that you’ll always remember?

There is a few but one in particular was Rick Owens in 2012 - we prepped all night to only go straight to the show (I can still taste the Ellnett hairspray) - were true artistry created these incredible architectural wigs that I believe ended up at the Met. An unbelievable experience - I was addicted to following the fashion circuit for years - I am so excited to do 9 shows for AAFW21 on home ground and relive a few moments! I have been backstage for many seasons with one of the worlds best Guido and been with him on huge shows like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Dolce Gabbana. He is an amazing artist and all the assisting I have done with him have taught me so much - dedication is one!

When it comes to someone trying to find their “signature look” with their own hair, what are your top tips or recommendations?

Hair is such an accessory and expenditure of WHO we are - I explore skin tone, texture, lifestyle and personality to create the best addition to personal style of all! Face shapes and what people really feel like when their hair is finished is so important to me - I love to dress people through their hair!

What is the one thing you wish every person did to better care for their hair?

My wish is to invest in the best home hair care and really protect your investment of colour and cuts. Hair is a two way street - what we do in salon and then what everyone does at home - REDKEN aus my preference when it comes to colour brand in store - and I live their extreme and constant innovation in the Haircare lines. Try the a,b.c range - it’s a must for all.  

Diane wears: Chufy Vlad Robe, Bottega Veneta Stretch Sandals & Sener Besim Point Bangle from Parlour X

What are your time management secrets for balancing a successful business, your personal and family life and working on editorials and brand projects?

Extreme organisation - every last minute of my time is scheduled - and this year even personal space is included in the schedule! 

Is there anything on your bucket list – personally or professionally – that you’re hoping to tick off this year?

My bucket list is long - but for 2021 I am riding the wave and getting some stress less time. I have started to get back into my self care - I love Shelter Cycling and Icebergs Gym - such a treat to watch the waves as you train and de stress!

How would you describe your personal style?

I have a strong wardrobe of power pieces for work and then I love to play with colour, textures and volume - the inner hippie speaks! I have always been a shoe girl - I invest in a current pair every season and love to bring back some oldies every now and then! I mix and match the old with the new and keep my wardrobe eclectic.

Diane wears: Maison Poi Victoriana Blouse in Lake, Maison Poi Split Leg Pants in Orange, Valentino Rockstud Block Heels & Bottega Veneta Twist Triangle Bag from Parlour X.

Has your personal style been consistent over the years, or do you find that it’s ever evolving and changing? (fashion)

I have always loved fashion and have several boxes of vintage and pieces I can’t part with - my style has evolved but I definitely know what suits me and I go with that. Nearly 40 this year I embrace my body and I am grateful for what is has done for me - I have 2 children and being a hairdresser is such a physical job - sometimes it feels like a ping pong match! I dress to be able to move around and be comfortable for the 10 hour days we put in on our feet!

Who do you look too for fashion and style inspiration?

I love watching old films and have always admired our 90s Icon Models! I am a collector of magazines and I am grateful I held on to so many when most became obsolete- I love referencing old editorial shoots - fashion does go round and round! I collect coffee table books and on (some) Sunday’s I love to flick through and look at how colours are put together and how to get the best out of body shapes.

What are your favourite brands from Parlour X?

Everything - I especially love with Paco Rabanne has been doing - I love that Parlour X has so much to choose from international and local! I’ve been introduced to so many brands I haven’t heard of before just by going in and seeing the girls - I recently grabbed some Mother Of Pearl in store for work wear and some essential Jacquemus.

Diane wears: Chufy Lipa Jumpsuit, Valentino Rockstud Rope Sandals, Fendi Croissant Bag & Paco Rabanne Chunky Chain Link Bracelet

Are there any particular Parlour X pieces you have your eye on at the moment?

There is a lot of Chufy that I plan on buying soon! Maison Margiela has some cool shapes and I am saving for the Loewe boots.

What is next for you?

I am going for something GLOBAL (fingers crossed) our borders open up soon - my mission is to revolutionise salons and create environments where we aim for the best training and positive place to work. Salon standard can be so quickly over looked, our new salon culture is where EVERYONE thrives and achieves. Nothing more satisfying than to see people learn and grow under my wing. I shoot my own campaigns and include my team in Creative Projects as much as possible - I want to bring the greatest and most importantly the LATEST to the salon chair for my clients. My team are a diffusion of who I am and what KODA is - I invest a lot of time and energy into them to ensure the clients get what they deserve when they come into my salon.

Keep up with Diane Gorgievski on Instagram @dianegorgievski & @kodacutters_bondi

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