Having lived in Buenos Aires briefly before moving back to Sydney via NYC, and now having close friends and family in the Argentinian capital, Prue Lewington certainly knows her way around this vibrant city. And an experienced tour guide you'll want, given the chaos of BA. The freelance writer travels back to Buenos Aires every two years, it's no surprise that to hear that 'soul' of this bustling metropolis have gotten under her skin. Considering a trip? Be prepared to stay up late, read on. What is your favourite thing about Buenos Aires? I visit every two years because I have a lot of friends and family in Argentina. I love the culture, chaos and the soul of the city. What are your favourite restaurants? La Cabrera A traditional steakhouse, located amid the Palermo area. The restaurant is fantastic for simple meat cookery and exceptional steaks that can appease anyone. The service is unparalleled. Milion A modern Argentine in the city centre, this bar is housed in an old mansion with French doors and balconies. The building dates back to the 20th century and has been thoughtfully restored. This very modern place serves tapas, excellent Argentine steaks and cocktails. Osaka Japanese/Peruvian fusion sushi bar. Definitely make a reservation in advance. The Green Bamboo Thai/Vietnamese restaurant that offers a small selection of dishes that are well prepared and flavourful. The atmosphere is dim and romantic. Are there any must-do activities whilst in town? If you’re going in December, the Argentina Open in Palermo is fantastic. A bus trip to the precinct, La Boca, is a fun tourist attraction. I’d also check out Recoleta’s famous cemetery, which is the burial place of Eva Peron. And, of course, Palermo Soho with its cobblestone streets, bars and designer boutiques. After a drink and dining, where would you recommend to visit at night? La Catedral each Saturday from 10pm is my favourite milonga. It’s a huge old dusty hall that is full of soul. Any local insider tips or hacks you can share? If you want to live like a local, sleep between 5-9pm because nothing happens during these hours. Make your dinner reservations for 10pm and plan to be out until at least 3am. What is it about this city that inspires you? It’s history. What is something surprising about this city? That it functions. It’s hard to grasp how the locals find the energy to work when they go to bed so late. Are there any neighbouring towns, precincts or areas worthy of a day-trip? A ferry trip to the rustic town of Colonia is fantastic. Describe the Argentinian lifestyle? In one word: Asado [which literally translates in English to barbeque - but "Asado" pertains to both the style of cooking, and to the social activity of the barbeque]. Find Prue Lewington on Instagram at @pruelewington  

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