PX Talks to design leaders on their creative process

September 20, 2019

In September, Parlour X presented the fifth edition ‘PX Talks’ panel in a hosted dialogue with three of Australia’s leading creatives in the accessories and jewellery space; director of A-ESQUE and former Mimco founder Amanda Briskin-Rettig, co-founder of Dinosaur Designs, artist and designer Louise Olsen, and co-founder of Sarah & Sebastian, Sarah Gittoes.

Amazing headliners; Amanda Briskin-Rettig, Eva Galambos, Sarah Gittoes and Louise Olsen.

Moderated by Parlour X director Eva Galambos, the panel shared collective insights on staying true to the creative process whilst being commercially minded and why starting something new, keeps giving. “When we started out we were both so focused on design, so over time Robert [Grynkofki] and I had to teach ourselves the business acumen necessary to grow.” –  Sarah Gittoes on the growth of Sarah & Sebastian.

Left: Beauticate founder, Sigourney Cantelo. Right: Black Communications’ Natalia Sakowicz & Katrina Iervasi.

After thirty years behind Dinosaur Designs, Louise Olsen discussed how she regenerates; “Once you start with something new, it keeps giving, it takes on another life. There are so many mediums and forms with materials that you can unravel and discover.” Similarly, Amanda Briskin-Rettig shared “I am drawn to the process and while I am creatively and commercially minded, I need to create and love the work”.

Right: Sarah Gittoes of Sarah & Sebastian.

PX Talks’ series  as it has fondly become known, profiles topics connected to industry, culture, society and lifestyle. The morning event was attended by fifty five industry-strong guests including Sigourney Cantelo, Julie To, Lillian Khalouf, Naomi Parry, Lisa Poulos, Thelma McQuillan and local influencers Sarah Su and Sarah Duan. Through exceptional experiences in a historically profound landmark space, Parlour X ‘The Church’ continues to provoke thought and provide an innovative fashion and cultural perspective for Australian luxury customers and Sydneysiders.

Left: Sarah Duan Right: Chantale Mager and Phoebe Younger.

The Store

Headquartered in the iconic St Johns Church in Sydney Australia, Parlour X has been awarded the 2015 Prix De Marie Claire Award for best fashion boutique, a ringing endorsement for this Australian fashion favourite.

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