Previously head of development for JW Anderson, creative director Jen Murray challenges the accessories archetype for London-based brand Scotria; the latest Parlour X discovery by buyer, Eva Galambos. A truly unique collection of modular shapes and unique materials, we welcome you to get familiar with the innovative designer behind the brand.

Tell us about your formal background and education.

Born in Scotland but raised in Austria, my journey in fashion started with a three-year stint in Barcelona studying fashion design at IED School of Designer, followed by a MA in Menswear at London College of Fashion in London. I then worked across mens, womens and accessories categories, closing the circle by designing handbags and re-identifying my type of woman.

What is your creative process?

My visual cues often come from the banal, the everyday shapes and finishes that surround us. The re-interpretation of technique and material is what drives Scotria to create, subvert, challenge and design.

How do you describe Scotria in three words?

Tech. Craft. Spiral.

What luxury craftsmanship techniques did you use on the new collection Parlour X has received?

To Scotria, luxury is defined by the time invested into crafting a product. Parlour X’s collection this season include our newest bags ‘Panorama’ and ‘Berg’  which radiate precise lines and calculated curves. We repurposed Italian recycled plexiglass, and threaded silicone spirals through each panel by hand, redefining what was possible for the the category of modular concept bags.

What is exclusive to Scotria?

Modular, customisable accessories radiating powerful, considered design.

Are you a measured or instinctive decision-maker?

Strategic/creative hybrid.

Can you share some insights into your day -to-day?

Sport – admin – meetings - research – design development.

Who has been your greatest teacher?

Someone special who taught me to ask myself (at every decision) if this was what I ‘really’ wanted.

What has been the most rewarding or treasured memory of your career to date?

Receiving our first order for the Scotria spiral collection and knowing this was going to be the beginning of a fantastically exciting new chapter.

At a personal level, who or what sparks your creativity?

People and their obsessions.

What words do you live by?

Be your best self.

Do you have a go-to uniform? How do you like to wear the brand?

Dressing in block colours always makes me feel ready for the day - this whilst wearing Scotria and alternating between a cross body power walk and the solid handle grip always lends a sense of empowerment!

Are you as obsessed with Scotria as we are?

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