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Known as the king of fashion designers, Yves Saint Laurent’s legacy continues to grow with his masterpiece of a brand, under the influence of Creative Director Hedi Slimane. This season Slimane adds a glam-rock inspired touch to a consistently sophisticated and dignified Saint Laurent collection. The Saint Laurent Resort 2015 summer collection features dark navies, monochrome and earthy tones, that seems as though it is more suited for a winter collection. However, Slimane has not hesitated in his use of prints and light material fabrication to reflect the summer season. This is evident in the long sleeved wrap dress in black featuring white mini hearts. The dress utilises monochrome for traditional Yves Saint Laurent sophistication, which is enhanced by the white hearts to reflect the mood of the season. Saint Laurent also adopts the girl-looks-like-a-boy theme of high fashion this season with the oversized shirt, also consistent with the use of multi-coloured prints, perfect when paired with the mid waist straight leg pants for a classy yet summery Saint Laurent look. What would a Saint Laurent collection be without a blazer? This season the jackets, with a tux finish in typical Saint Laurent feminizing style, feature floral cotton, sable and tapestry prints, as well as the standard navy dark Jacket 1B that is a Saint Laurent wardrobe staple. The jackets this season complement the punk-rock/glam story of the collection, which is claimed to have been inspired by Slimane’s own music taste (the collection is said to have been conceptualised after Slimane’s attendance at a rock concert). The Jacket 1B can be worn over the IMP Bombhead or IMP March 1976 T-Shirts and mid-waist pants for a look that reflects rebellious casual, with high fashion sophistication. Both T-shirts were inspired by unique artwork by artist Bruce Conner. For the standout Saint Laurent season stunner, there is the long floral tapestry skirt. This skirt is a step away from the glam rock undertones and returns to Yves Saint Laurent’s vision of high-fashion elegance, reflecting his outlook that “fashion is a way of life”. The skirt is a statement piece and features earthy coloured floral prints on a black canvas-like background, which bears a close resemblance to a classical artwork.

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