If you haven’t heard of Australian stylist Romy Frydman, you've definitely seen her incredible work. With over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, Romy Frydman has cemented her reputation as a stylist and creative director working for names such as Vogue Australia, Marie Claire & Elle (just to name a few). Romy is also the founder and editor of her very own successful fashion blog StyleMeRomy.com. Styled in beautiful Parlour X pieces, X Files interviews Romy about her work, life, personal style & we hear some tips from an expert on essential styling advice you'll wish you'd always known. 

Describe your long-standing career as a stylist, photographer & creative director. Where and when did it all begin?

My career began in magazines after studying Fashion at RMIT in Melbourne, my first job was at Marie Claire & then ELLE magazine in Sydney. New York was my next stop where I continued to Freelance for titles like Vogue, Australia and indie New York magazine NYLON. New York was also where I studied Film at NYU & thats where my recent passion back to Film started. I now Direct small clips for fashion & lifestyle brands and adore my new job amongst my Styling & Photography. I even started MovieMeRomy an extension of StyleMeRomy my instagram handles that showcase all my work.

Romy wears: Emilio Pucci flower print blouse and flower print pant with a Paco Rabanne eight link choker from Parlour X

What initially sparked your interest in Fashion?

I've always loved beautiful things, since I was small child so I knew there was no avoiding the Fashion Industry. 

You have worked for many Australian & international publications. Describe some of your favourite and most memorable career moment(s) to date?

My StyleMeRomy magazine found its way into the National Library of Australia. I received a letter in the mail out of the blue stating I was catalogued in their magazine department. It felt like a pat on the back for me as producing my own publication was no small feat. Also Styling the Zimmermann shows every season in New York is always such buzz/pinch me moment.

Romy wears: Isabel Marant Farah dress from Parlour X

For someone wanting to follow a similar career path to yours, what would be your best advice to them?

It’s harder than you think so you have to love it & have the most incredible drive.

A casual weekend look - what are your staples?

I've always loved denim and white lace or a pretty floral dress.

Your favourite brands?

Emilio Pucci, Ellery, Saint Laurent, Celine, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant

Romy wears: Isabel Marant Emsley blouse and Talapiz mini shorts from Parlour X

How do you balance your work life with family life?

Its not easy, I work with a lot of people that are in similar positions that have children and partners and we all try to combine it so it doesn't always feel like work. My family are great supporters & also really contribute to helping me raise my gorgeous son.

Tell us your favourite places to explore in Sydney/NSW?

Hermatige Foreshore walk in Vaucluse

Romy wears: Isabel Marant Farah dress from Parlour X

Three styling tips from Romy…

  • Don't limit where your inspiration comes from. Let a film, book, artwork or the colour of a sunset motivate your creativeness.
  • Start dressing from shoe up as that determines your day, be it running around or fancy dinner!
  • Keep it effortless, its so much sexier being natural

What changes do you see happening to the fashion industry post the COVID-19 crisis?

A kindness & patience that isn't always synonymous with our industry

Keep up with Romy on Instagram @stylemeromy or visit StyleMeRomy.com, & shop the looks on parlourx.com. Images courtesy of Luke Dubbelde

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