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This season Parlour X welcomes an exclusive collection of elegant and statement jewellery from Balenciaga, EK Thongprasert, Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent. From Balenciaga, there are the classically elegant bow series pieces. The highly coveted bow necklace in silver is a transitional and statement piece that adds an element of high-fashion sophistication to any outfit. Its counterpart rings in gold and silver, are simple yet elegant accessories to finish a put together and composed look. For more glamorous Balenciaga style, there is the Giant Bracelet Arena in Silver in Medium or for emphasised statement, the Giant Bracelet in Wraparound Silver or Wraparound Gold to add more high-fashion statement to a formal outfit. Saint Laurent follows suit in the minimalist direction in jewellery this season, with the monogramme manchette bracelet in palladium/silver. This piece is ideal for the YSL lover as it is shaped by the signature monogramme. Isabel Marant’s jewellery this season is heavily oriental influenced, in typical Isabel Marant fashion. She provides a range of buckle strap bracelets that feature animal printed leather or horn in colour waves of natural/silver, natural/gold, black/silver and ecru/gold. Ek Thongprasert’s collection, however, is far from minimalist and differs greatly in design and fabrication to Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga. Ek Thongprasert revisits classic and long forgotten styles that create their own shapes, forms and textures that embody historical, social and spiritual meanings. The unique element of EK Thongprasert’s design method is his changing of original materials and colours to create a modern and fun fusion of antique and classic styles, making his pieces highly coveted by the world’s most elegant women . This season EK Thongprasert delivers stunning assortments of statement pieces that encapsulate modern art décor and innovation through the substitution of metals with elegant silicone such as the silicone and glass earrings. The earrings are vibrant jewel-encruste pieces of vibrant jewels that come in colour variations of neon yellow and white, brillion blue and white, brillion blue and green, slate grey and grey, and slate grey and purple. These earrings are the polishing item for any outfit, and are a must-have this season. Encapsulating the mood of the season is EK Thongprasert’s use of floral themed jewels, as embodied by the collar floral necklace series in colour waves of mauve with dark purple, mauve with pink, slate grey with slate grey, slate grey with purple, and dew with rose gold. The natural coloured jewels emphasise elegance and classical historical style, while the shapes embody the meaning of the autumn season. For a slimmer option, the thin strap floral necklace can be worn as an everyday statement piece that highlights classical forms and textures in a more simplistic and modern way. The thin strap necklace also features elaborate and decorative jewels that resemble the 1920s era, and comes in colour options of mauve with pink, mauve with dark purple, slate grey with slate grey, slate grey with purple and dew with rose gold. The staple colour waves emphasise noticeable consistency and recognition of an EK Thongprasert collection, which has been noted on the fashion blogosphere such as Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad, and on style icons such as Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung and Miranda Kerr. The smaller flower range is a lighter piece for the on-the-go woman and features a thin, shortened collar for enhanced practicality representing innovative design. The small flower necklace range comes in neon/yellow with pink, brillion blue with green, slate grey with purple, dew with rose gold and mauve with dark purple to cater to any outfit, day or night. The standout pieces of this season’s EK Thongprasert collection is, however, the Necklace 1 Droopy Flower necklace in nude, Necklace 2 – Large Droopy Flower necklace with grey ribbon detail in nude and Necklace 3 – the neon yellow Droopy flower necklace with ribbon detail. These strikingly stunning pieces are enhancements to an elegant, formal outfit that accurately portrays the meaningful aesthetics of an EK Thongprasert piece.

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