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CREATIVE DIRECTOR – Jonny Johannson FOUNDED in 1996, Stockholm, the name Acne stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions. Acne Studios is a progressive and contemporary fashion label hailing from one of the world’s leading design hubs, Sweden. Their founding idea was to conjure a lifestyle behind their brand, incorporating their denim, fashion, magazine and other wares, and as a result, making it all highly covetable. Creative Director Jonny Johansson has built a multi-disciplinary brand known for minimalist pieces of superb quality and fit, that work their way effortlessly into any wardrobe. Understated styles with an emphasis on tailoring and custom developed fabrics are now signature. Parlour X has hand-selected staples of the RTW and footwear collections such as leather goods, knitwear and the covetable footwear including the popular ‘Jem Boot’. Parlour X as Acne’s first stockist in Sydney well before the flagship opened in Australia, embraces the label again, impressed by the design growth and strength of collections. At Parlour X we aim to represent diverse collections that appeal to all serious lovers of luxury fashion with differing tastes, offering all looks that are sophisticated, sexy, feminine, directional, conceptual and above all creative and beautifully crafted and constructed. Acne is a unique label for the boutique as it sits on the cusp of atelier and contemporary with a Scandinavian and urban edge that we all love and welcome into our fold.  


ARTISTIC DIRECTOR – Benoit Missolin FOUNDED in Paris, in 2013 the company relocated to the UK. With inspiration taken from popular culture, Benoit Missolin's playful hair accessories and hats are hand crafted from the most luxurious materials. Benoït Missolin embodies the concept of “pop fashion”, creating the most exquisite, unique and dynamic pieces of millinery and headwear. The brand is distributed in the leading selection of luxury multi brand shelves, and Parlour X among the most prestigious stores around the world, has widened its accessories offering to extremely discerning clientele.  


DESIGNER – Cecilie Jorgensen FOUNDED Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012 Cult Danish label was conceived by designer Cecilie Jorgensen before a night out where the designer spontaneously created a unique look by combining scarves into a tunic. Countless requests followed and since, Cecilie Copenhagen catapulted to sensation status for the reinvention of the traditional Arabic keffiyah textile. Specific elements of design that make the brand so highly sought after by confident women across the globe, is the combination between simple design, strong pattern, suiting every taste, style and occasion. Parlour X was the first stockist to approach the label and is the exclusive stockist in Sydney, having discovered a niche that perfectly fits our Australian lifestyle. The collection has an a relatable expression of diverse silhouettes and adds the element of ensemble dressing in a relaxed style, which attracts women of all ages and sizes. The brand continues to evolve and experiment, whilst remaining loyal to its subtle and intrinsic identity. Parlour X is thrilled to continually deliver this in-demand brand to it’s clientele, and looks forward to developing unique silhouettes for the women of Parlour X. “Parlour X is exactly the kind of store where we prefer to carry our brand. Also, it was a great opportunity for us, to give the Australian people a possibility to physically see and feel our clothes in Eva’s beautiful store.” – Cecilie Jorgensen via  


FOUNDED in 2007 CREATIVE DIRECTOR Delfina Delettrez Delfina Delettrez Fendi is a designer and jeweler based in Rome, part of the Fendi family. Since the inception of her brand, she has developed a signature perspective using figurative surrealism and natural iconography including hands, eyes, bees, and lips. These adorn different parts of the anatomy. Delettrez's latest work explores a more conceptual sense of the surreal: instead of adding, she now subtracts, viewing precious stones as self-sufficient which give the illusion of fine jewels floating around the body. The unique aesthetic of Delettrez's work comes from the marriage of classical goldsmith techniques with innovative contemporary materials, progressing traditional Italian craftsmanship to create modern, futuristic jewels. Delettrez's designs are hyper-modern, but still hand-made in her Roman atelier. Delfina Delettrez is the youngest designer included in the permanent collection of fine jewelry at the Louvre’s Musée des Arts Decoratifs; her work has been part of the museum since 2010, and continues to be exhibited by leading European galleries. Delfina Delettrez has gained a cult following for her unique and surrealist accessories. Parlour X is excited to offer the latest 9-carat gold pieces of eye-piercing earrings, rings and bracelets to our clients.  


FOUNDED in 2009, India CREATIVE DIRECTOR Anupama Sukh Lalvani Artist, architect, yoga instructor and now jewelry designer, Anupama Sukh Lalvani founder and creative director of En Inde is constantly inspired to create. Having lived in Iran, Nigeria, London, New York and Switzerland, she started with a yoga collection and progressed into jewelry, using antique silver pendants with shells, African tribal beads, brass beads from Orissa with stainless steel screws and rough cut stones. Organic jute, gold and multi-coloured thread in contrast with antique silver pendants, wooden beads and semi precious stones form the base for the jewelry. En Inde jewelry are lifelong pieces to be collected and passed on through generations, combining tribal creativity with luxury sophistication, influenced by a Paris meets New Delhi ideal. The intricate and unique neckpieces is available exclusively to Parlour X in Australia.  


CREATIVE DIRECTOR – Simon Porte Jacquemus FOUNDED in 2009, Paris Jacquemus started his own label when he was 19. Credited with bringing a freshness to Paris’ fashion scene, his collections are deconstructed and surrealist. The designer takes archetypal French concepts like the Breton stripe and spins them on their head, working in the space between commercial and conceptual. His playful approach to pushing the boundaries of French fashion has earned him two nominations for the LVMH Prize. Beginning his fashion career in Paris’ Commes des Garçons boutique, Jacquemus has often expressed the Japanese brand’s influence on his work. “It encouraged me,” he told The Cut. “Being there for two years made me stronger, in the sense that it helped me know what I really wanted. There’s a radicalism to Rei Kawakubo. It’s a certain form… of not humour, but lightness.” He has since gained support from the likes the founders Adrian Joffe and Rei Kawakubo. Jacquemus moved to Paris when he was 18 and enrolled in fashion school for a couple of months. After the passing of his mother he launched his label in 2009 under her maiden name, Jacquemus. The up and coming designer now has his own studio off the Place des Vosges in Le Marais. His collections have a child-like spirit and sense of freedom, often featuring asymmetrical designs, oversized ‘stiff’ silhouettes, experimental make up and shoeless or topless models. The designer states “The Jacquemus girl is a bit of a cliché…. She’s your typical French girl.”  


CREATIVE DIRECTOR – Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci FOUNDED in 2012, Melbourne Combining their backgrounds in communications and industrial design, the pair have cultivated a strong aesthetic with a focus on construction and tailoring, that references utilitarian elements and utilises the best quality fabrics and unique techniques. The end result is a modern label whose DNA is grounded in structure and minimalism. With a unique approach to design and commitment to bringing timeless pieces to their customers, Strateas.Carlucci has quickly made a name for itself at home and internationally. In 2014, as well as being named GQ Designer of the Year, the brand made its debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, received the prestigious Tiffany & Co National Design Award for excellence in design and was announced as dual winner of the menswear and womenswear categories for the International Woolmark Prize Australia Regional Finals. Following on from their International Woolmark Prize win in Australia, in early 2015 Strateas.Carlucci went on to represent Australia at the menswear final in London and the womenswear final in Beijing, before presenting a solo show at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. In 2016, Director and Buyer Eva Galambos will be collaborating with the local brand on limited edition, capsule collection seasonally, tailored for the Parlour X clientele with an interest for interesting tailoring and textiles.  


CREATIVE DIRECTOR – Demna Gvasalia FOUNDED in 2015, Paris Demna Gvasalia's status in the fashion industry was cemented when it was announced in October this year that he would be taking over for Artistic Director of Balenciaga. Francçois-Henri Pinault, president and chief executive of Kering - parent company to the iconic Parisian house - praised the designer as "a powerful emerging force in today's creative world." Gvasalia's first collection for the brand is expected to debut at Paris Fashion Week in March 2016. Alongside the position, Gvasalia will retain his role as head designer and spokesperson for Vetements, the buzzed-about Parisian label which has drawn the focus away from traditional houses with its simple, streamlined cuts and authentic, youthful energy. Only three seasons old, the brand has already been nominated for LVMH’s Young Fashion Designer Prize. The collections born out of their project are minimal without being flat, edgy without the gimmicks. “The most important ingredient for us is the reality, what our woman wears to feel good,” the collective has stated. After becoming frustrated with the business model of designers keeping established fashion houses afloat, Gvasalia stepped out on his own, making his own rules on the way. Gvasalia named the label Vetements, the French word for “clothes,” because he doesn’t want customers to pay attention to the name. Rather, he wants them to focus on the clothes themselves: classic pieces given new life, like wool military coats with exaggerated silhouettes, shrunken hoodies and T-shirts, and oversize, asymmetrical suit jackets.  


CREATIVE DIRECTOR – Olga Vilshenko FOUNDED in 2011 Vilshenko is the eponymous line of Olga Vilshenko founded in 2011, a peerless designer who’s formative years were steeped in craftsmanship. Hailing from the Ural region of Russia, this talented artisan designer received an early education in producing bespoke articles of clothing in response to the austere conformity in the then communist regime. Vilshenko effortlessly fuses an unconventional sense of eastern heritage, artistry and folklore with western couture disciplines, which has resulted in a collection of exceptionally tailored separates in sleek, distinctively modern silhouettes and finished with chic opulent touches. Vilshenko garments carry the designer’s unique aesthetic, which effortlessly blends classic construction techniques, minimalist silhouettes with rich detailing. Vilshenko is committed to creating striking yet tastefully constrained pieces that are timeless and highly sophisticated. The designer’s unique aesthetic - marrying classic construction, minimalist silhouettes and rich detailing - was honed at The Institute of Fashion and Art in Russia and London’s Istituto Marangoni. Olga Vilshenko now splits her time between these two capital cities, maintaining a studio in each. These two worlds seamlessly come together in Vilshenko - a timeless, highly sophisticated line that stays true to Olga Vilshenko’s original vision.  


CREATIVE DIRECTOR – Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin FOUNDED in 2014 Vita Kin is the purveyor of the statement sartorial folk garment. This young brand’s signature pieces are inspired by the Vyshyvanka, a dress native to Ukraine that is traditionally crafted by homemade linens on handlooms. The assembly of sleeves, collars and cuffs completed by hand according to age-old methods via the Ukrainian’s design studio, sometimes take up to three weeks to produce. The vacation-perfect designs that are full of bright geometric patterns and fringing, and have the utmost luxurious artisan touches. Vita Kin has fast earned herself a dedicated following which includes the likes of Anna Dello Russo, Man Repeller blogger Leandra Medine and Russian Fashion Ed. Mira Duma, and now they're coming to Parlour X, as an exclusive stockist and in limited edition to Australia. "My collections are created not according to the season but by inspiration," says designer Vita Kin. "I'm inspired by the fading traditions and techniques of various ancient cultures for making and decorating clothing. Embroidery, macramé́ and appliqué are my passion."  


FOUNDED in 2014 CREATIVE DIRECTOR Yosuzi YOSUZI, is a lifestyle brand celebrating the native myths and cultures of South American tribes. Born and raised in Venezuela, Yosuzi, which means “cactus flower” in the Guajiro native dialect, spent her childhood immersed in the traditional ceremonies, stories and artisanal crafts of her ancestral Guajiro heritage. Stories of her grandparents and heritage, instilled in Yosuzi a strong emotional tie to her native roots. Yosuzi spent the next decade of her career at the intersection of film, fashion and advertising as a creative in New York, LA and London where she is now based. In 2014, she embarked on an expedition with her mother, Irunu, to reconnect with her family’s Native American heritage. Over several trips to the Guajira desert in Venezuela, Irunu, who is fluent in the Guajiro native dialect, helped forge relationships with the community leaders of the tribe, who made introductions to the local craftsmen. These craftsmen hand-weave hats known as ‘Woma’. Yosuzi worked with the craftsmen to adapt the hats to her customers’ specs. The hats are made of 100% Iraka Palm Straw, harvested from the Iraka Palm, and finished with whimsical, handwoven trimmings. Each hat takes about eight hours to weave. Made with a diagonal weaving technique unique to the tribe, the hats’ patterns and symbols represent the spiritual wisdom of Yosuzi’s ancestors. Parlour X is renowned for discovering untapped potential and Yosuzi joins the accessories stable, a brand whose endearing narrative translate to our clients and the Australian lifestyle.

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