Working with immersive concepts surrounding modern ritual and ceremony, Parlour X asked long time collaborator, visual artist and performer behind Ginger and The Ghost, Missy Gilbert to develop a bespoke art installation for The Woolmark Company’s Wool Week. Watch this space as we continue to create immersive experiences and installations with Missy Gilbert.

You’re a woman of many talents: fronting a brand, co-founding a creative studio space, being an artist in your own right… how do you juggle it all? Do the three interests help or hinder each other?

At the moment, The Nest Creative Space which we are founding directors, has moved locations so we’ve been renovating and designing the space... this has put everything to the side for a while. Yet I still feed the other entities when large scale projects like this [Parlour X window] develop.  

What was the inspiration behind the Parlour X Wool Week windows?

Creating large scale sculptural form and texture was the initial mood for the design. My forte for installation art is repetition and suspension installation. So tonality in the fabrication, platting and knotting was embraced whilst creating a winter feel. Working with raw, freshly shaven wool from Woolmark was at first confronting for its muddy texture yet deeply satisfying to get back to mother earth’s miracles and remember where it all comes from before it’s washed blended and knitted into luxury garments. We tend to forget where things are from! 
Missy Gilbert Parlour X

Tell us about how you got your start as an installation artist? 

When I was 18 I started working in retail and had a natural urge to use spaces for art installations, window dressing and visual merchandising came first. I headed into film directing, creative direction and set design and now my largest projects are sensory and immersive experiences with commercial brands, and my own baby “Nights at the Nest”.
Missy Gilbert Parlour X

What excites you most about this 3D medium?

Moving through spaces while you work... within the landscape you can be teleported away. The last project I utilised 4 per demolition buildings with over 5000 square metres of vast space to create my personal body of work “Animalia” for Nights @ The Nest. Working with BeProductions and 13 performance artists and incorporating food design and contemporary dance into the spacious design is where I am heading and I can’t go back!

For you, what is the intersection of fashion and art?

The intersection is play.
You can find Missy on Instagram @gingerandtheghost
 Missy Gilbert Parlour X


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