Megan Morton has developed a distinct repertoire in the world of interiors and design, celebrated for sprinkling her design magic on the covers of Vogue Living to Vanity Fair, creating bespoke atmospheres and spaces for bars, hotel rooms and celebrity or residential homes. The leading interior stylist has penned four award-winning books and founded The School, which connects industry leaders with learners to give insights into styling, business operations and design through various classes and events. The creative virtuoso summarises her ‘how-to’, for the X-FILES.      

Describe your role.

Mother of three, stylist, author and supervising the direction and access to experiences at The School.  

How would you describe the Megan Morton hallmark or design ethos?

Whether it’s interior, a wardrobe addition or a bespoke travel experience, I am constantly merging the low and the high. This for me is what I enjoy the most and creates the most interesting space!  

How did you discover your own creative bent? Do you think it’s inherent?

I have always been putting things together. Styling [for me] is a way of seeing and being!  

Do you have a particular creative process?

My creative process can be attributed to working every day. I have taken my job seriously for 20 years. I like to keep my brain ticking not just ‘waiting’ for the moment it is needed - a creative service always needs to be on and ready to tap into.

Is there a particular room, space or feature you like to start with?

I call it a single trigger - one thing that makes the room get ready, set, go. Could be a rug or an amazing lighting piece, an artwork or an architectural gesture.  The room needs to take its lead from something.  

What has been the most personally rewarding moment of your career thus far?

Taking people from all over the world to my favourite places in the world. There is an amazing thing that happens when someone entrusts their precious holiday time and money to you. Amazing things happen!    

You established The School in 2014. What gap were you aiming to fill by creating it?

Magazine style experiences that bucked against the online learning trend. One to one learnings that engaged hands, eyes and heart.  

As the author four successful books, what is something that we wouldn't know about the development process?

Books need our love and care. With three years minimum in the making, so much love and care to bring them to life and to the table. Books are my Toblerone. I love them so much.    

Any tips on how one can hone their own sense of style or design to create a beautiful room?

Check your pulse! Check your Pinterest board! Check what you commuted a post-it note to. These are the clues to your natural style.    

As a mother of three and full working schedule, how do you create balance?

I visit the beach. Often.    

What words do you live by?

Never hide your enthusiasm.    

What does the future look like?

I am giddy with it!      

To delve further into the interesting and ever-evolving world of Megan Morton, follow her at @megan_morton  or visit her website here.

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