Taking over as creative director at Emilo Pucci from Peter Dundas, Massimo Giorgetti helped to cement a new area for the heritage luxury label. In 2017, Giorgetti announced he would be resigning to focus on the growth of his own flourishing label MSGM. Today MGSM has fast become a fashion industry favourite, best known for putting a bold, vibrant twist on traditional Italian style.

Describe your role:

MSGM founder and creative director.

Tell us about your background:

In the second year of accounting school, at the age of sixteen, I had already figured out it was the wrong school for me. The math books and banking were really a nightmare. I always waited impatiently for Saturday to arrive to go to the newsstand and buy all the fashion newspapers: Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, etc.. I wanted them all. And I read them all. Then at the age of seventeen I was asked to be the male model for fittings and in a few months I learned all the technical aspect of modelling, packaging, stitching, etc. Once I finished my exams I started out as a salesman in a dear friend’s boutique. From sales in-store I progressed to sales in showrooms, and two years later I already had the same responsibilities as the  product design department. There I had the good fortune to find Paoloni Group that believed in me from the start, so much that at twenty four years old I was already responsible for two clothing lines. At that moment I realised that maybe this was going to be my future and in 2009 the adventure began.

Did you always envision pursuing a career in design?

I've always been fascinated by fashion, probably also because part of my family is connected to the fashion world, since my uncles had an embroidery studio, and my aunt was a dressmaker. I am very proud that my parents don’t belong to this world: I grew up in a simple and genuine family that lives in the countryside near the sea. I consider this a great value. As I mentioned MSGM was born in a natural way, also thanks to the help of the Paoloni Group, so I was not scared, but excited to see my project growing.

Describe your design philosophy:

I take inspiration from arts, social media, people walking down the street, architecture, and photography. In my collections, I put all of myself, my ideas, my sensations and my emotions…. Another fundamental aspect of my creativity is music. Music has always influenced my designs, starting from the inspiration of my brand name: the group MGMT. I like to think that my collections are a material interpretation of the sound: music for your eyes!

What has been the most impactful moment of your career so far?

The day I was nominated for Pucci's creative director role.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned since creating your namesake label?

Never say never.

Do you have a brand muse? Describe the MSGM woman:

When I design, I usually think about woman without any specific reference. The MSGM girl is young and loves fashion with a capital F. She’s very fashionable without being a fashion victim. She’s extremely informed and in touch with everything. She’s a girl that is both courageous and irreverent, a bit like the MSGM collection. My looks can be adapted in every situation, so they could fit for a casual brunch to a business cocktail.

MSGM has two flagship stores; Milan and Hong Kong. How important is the international market to your brand?

The worldwide retail expansion of the brand is very important. In fact there are more store openings planned for the next months.

Do you feel business acumen is just as important as one’s design skill?

Yes, they are at the same level in my opinion.

What is your favourite city in the world?

I love New York for the mix of different people leaving in the same city, for the big concentration of new form of arts, and because any time you go there you can discover a new city.

What international brands – mens or womens - do you follow? Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler. @MSGM has a huge Instagram following. How important is this to your brand’s communications strategy?

The internet is a big opportunity to take inspiration from, but also to communicate with.

What advice would you give to a young emerging designer?

I think new designers should be modest, curious and focused on the objectives.

What is next for MSGM?

Regarding the future, all I want is that MSGM grows slowly but surely and that it keeps the cool look it has now. I don’t want it to lose any of its freshness, its sense of irony or its audacity for which it’s known and appreciated. For sure the next step is the development of the retail with new MSGM stores. You can find Massimo on Instagram @massimogiorgetti

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