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Inspirations are endless in any Mary Katrantzou collection. Having already proven herself fearless in her creativity, Mary Katrantzou does no less this season with abstract designs inspired by dance and synchronised movements, to the supercontinent of Pangaea and sea-to-land evolution. Her complex prints are artistic and colourful, complemented by straightforward and strict silhouettes such as shift dresses and bell skirts, so as to focus on uniqueness in pattern rather than shape and tailoring. The Eva range of ¾ woven shift dresses come in three designs – swan village, poppies liquorice and blue belle. Her ability to create distinct and accomplished bodies of work, with ultimate simplicity and regularity, is embodied by this stunning piece. Candy and florals are at the forefront of Mary Katrantzou this season with her collection featuring statement summer wardrobe pieces rather than basics. The Swan village theme is an elegant take on the season with intricate shapes that resemble a somewhat Middle Ages inspired scene, which is evidently loved by the world’s most fashionable women. Poppies and candy also feature on the Mars skirt, which also comes in grid lace elder, that when paired with a black or white T-shirt or crop top, makes for a colourful yet sophisticated summer outfit. A standout design of Mary Katrantzou’s pre-SS15 collection is the Almer bluebell shaped skirt that comes in the geometrical, continental-shift and nature inspired theme of grid lace elder and is the ultimate savvy yet feminine piece for the season. Mary Katrantzou’s pre-SS15 collection represents all facets of summer and spring through colour and design, and stands out as stylistically and creatively unique in the world of high-fashion this season.

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