Parisian-based fashion consultant and digital influencer Chloé Harrouche is the woman behind Loulou des Saison. You will recognise her as dominating fashion week streets all over the world and most likely, via your Instagram and Pinterest feed. Chloé is among the leading taste makers who are impacting the fashion world with an empowered and spirited approach to creating images, behind the scenes and in front of the lense. A vision of the modern Parisian woman; Chloé allows the clothes to do the talking. 

As a fashion consultant and digital influencer, what does a day in the life look like? Very busy and very, very organised! As a digital influencer my job has evolved a lot in the past two years. Little by little I began to focus more on the digital area after seeing it expand, and I’m more selective with what I take on in order to focus only on exciting projects. I love to be super involved and focused in the works I choose.

Were you always drawn to the business side of fashion? 

My being drawn to fashion started when I was a child as I would follow my mother to fashion shows. I remember being fascinated by the energy and the spirit of freedom, amazing silhouettes — so much more interesting than the unicorns and kitchen toys available for little girls! 

Due to my mother’s influence, I quickly understood I wanted to work in fashion so I studied ‘stylism’ at school [in Paris] and I began to learn and understand about all the aspects of the business of fashion which also included working in a press office and in publishing, for leading magazines. Three years ago, after many years as a fashion consultant, I kept pushing myself into gaining more knowledge. I decided to pursue my passion of creating my own digital content with the will to write my own story. The Loulou de Saison universe revolves around my vision of the modern Parisian woman.

Do you have a mentor or ultimate collaborator?

I cannot name only one but I remember that my grandmother saw me in a French magazine for a project with Chanel. I was very proud about this collaboration but she was so much prouder than me because she always  was so coquette ….It was a small but meaningful reward.

How do you balance being a full-time mother of two, with your professional pursuits?

Once again this is a question of big, big organisation in advance! I am always here for my children when they need me. I travel a lot, so in that respect it’s more about quality time over quantity. We choose moments during the day for being together; as an example in the morning before school, my time is only for them - with no distractions or phone.

It seems like you are very invested in keeping fashion fun, and experimental. 

I think all it is about balance! This is so important, to have fun and try new things but I try to keep it always in a chic way. For me fashion is a way to express myself without saying anything.

You are so approachable with your audience on Instagram, why is this important to you?

I love that direct way on Instagram, you know your audience and they know you. This feels most honest and authentic when you have people who are engaged for who you are. It is a natural process. I am so thankful as because of them, I can do what I love .

Do you ever question whether you should post something, or is it an organic process?

I try to respect and create a harmony between colours throughout my images but it is super important to keep it organic also… as always, all is question of balance.

Your personal sense of style is always curated, experimental, fun — stylish. How do you pack for fashion week — what are your rituals? 

I never think about my outfit before the last moment …if I do I will not wear it for sure! Depends on my mood, the city and where I am. Sometimes of course I wear a piece from the show I will attend to support the brand.

What are you wearing right now?

I wear a lot of Céline and Loewe because it is timeless and chic but also not boring! I love wearing Ellery also for the same reasons… I wear also more new Australian designers such as Albus Lumen and Christopher Esber. 

To you, what is Parisian style? 

This is something we cannot define; ‘Un je ne sais quoi’ of course effortless but still chic. The modern Parisian style, far from the cliché has changed a bit. It is not only about pair of jeans and tee, it’s more creative but never too much.

What projects are next Chloé? 

Something is cooking… stay tuned!

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