Ahead of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating aspirational women who share essential wisdom on balancing family and wellness with a modern, self-care approach. New to X-Files Style Focus series, meet Lisa Wipfli who stylishly selects Sacai, Proenza Schouler and Chloé as her Autumn-season picks. Read on to learn more about the Sydney co-founder behind Nourishing Bubs and mother of two sons.

Describe your style philosophy?

If you don’t feel comfortable and confident then don’t wear it. Stick to what you know suits you and what you love to wear and don’t worry about what other people think.

You’re an advocate of self-care. Tell us more.

I’ve always been a self-care advocate, even more so since having children. In a world where we are juggling so much we can burn out if we don’t focus on self-care on a regular basis. I am absolutely, categorically, a better mother and wife because of the self-care I factor in for myself on a weekly basis. My self-care comes in the way of Pilates, a run or a Be Fit class, getting my nails or hair done, getting a facial, or having a cuppa with a friend (sans children). Everyone’s commitments and schedules are different, but it is so important to make time for yourself. I am even happy to say no to a social commitment if I haven’t had my self-care for the week. It was hard to do this initially but now I’ve learnt that my health and wellbeing needs to be prioritised and it’s ok to say no.

What are your ingredients to managing it all, as mum to two young boys Ted and Jack, and wife of Nova 969 radio host Mike Wipfli (fondly known as Wippa)?

The ingredients for Mike and I, we are a team. Neither one of us thinks we are more important in the relationship and both of us parent the boys and are very hands on. The other very important ingredient is organisation. We don’t have any family in Sydney or a nanny so we are very much doing it alone and I’m so proud of what we accomplish on a weekly basis. Oh, the other very, very necessary ingredient is caffeine.

What is your approach to parenting?

I would like to say, be relaxed and go with the flow, but this is not me, I wish it was, but it never will be. Be organised, have fun with your children, don’t overthink whether you are a being a good parent, smother them in love and warmth and communicate with them like you would an adult. Also, I have learnt to have zero expectations on what each day is going to be like with your children, it’s an emotional rollercoaster and some days are bliss and other days are like being in a tumble dryer.

What is the sole vision of Nourishing Bubs?

The long-term goal is to be a household name in Australia and to be a global business. We are so proud of where we have come so far. We are only two years old and are in over 120 stores on the East coast of Australia, we are very soon moving into the West coast of Australia and are now in stores in Singapore. Aside from the business goal, the more important social goal is to educate parents on how important health and nutrition is for their babies and how infant and toddler nutrition is the foundation for a person’s life long health and relationship with food.

What designers are you loving and how does this fit into your lifestyle?

I am adoring Sacai this season, the pleated skirts are just heavenly, I can wear them with trainers and a tee during the day and feel fab or dress it up with heels in the evening and feel really glam. I also love the new Saint Laurent Rose T-Shirt. T-shirts are a huge part of my wardrobe essentials, and to have a couple of more edgy designer T-shirts amongst the basic whites are always great. I adore the bag collection from Loewe, so stylish and yet so practical for everyday (and mum life). I love the Valentino flat slides; I think I need to purchase these for our Europe trip coming up. And finally, I am loving the Mother of Pearl tops, they are so feminine and are perfect for dressing up jeans.

What wisdom can you share for likeminded women?

Don’t compare yourself to other women and please don’t let social media get your down. We all know that people are not posting bad photos of themselves or photos of their children having tantrums on Instagram, but even those people who look like they have perfect Instagram lives, are having the same battles as you are. Also, lets celebrate each other’s wins and fix each other’s crowns, rather than putting each other down. I used to be one of those women and I’ve realised those women are the ones that aren’t happy within themselves. If you are one of those women, try some self-care and looking at why you don’t like yourself. You will see the world in a whole new light once you are happy within yourself.

Wearing key looks from the season as we transition into Autumn, shop Lisa’s wardrobe below.

To see and hear more from Lisa Wipfli, visit @lisawipfli and @nourishingbubs.    
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