After an eight-year stint in New York City during which she cemented a successful career as a fashion editor at US Harper's Bazaar and Teen Vogue, stylist Kristin Rawson relocated home to Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Most recently appointed as the Style Editor at Beauticate as well as the Interiors Editor of estliving, Kristin continues her hybrid passion roles of styling and consulting and, as a mother of two to Billie and Jackson.

A longtime friend of Parlour X, we talk to Kristin about her approach to style, plus motherhood and industry musings.Courtesy of Maree Homer


How did you begin your career in fashion?

Assisting one of Australia’s best fashion stylists Nicole Bonython at a young age while still in school. My reluctant yet very supportive parents would permit days off school to assist Nicole on her editorial and advertising jobs. There is no better learning than on the job.


How did the move from New York to the Northern beaches contrast and compare?

Oh, my goodness so drastically vast, it was quite the year of adjustment. Luckily a move of countries came with a newborn baby and a renovation project, so I was very much immersed in a new way of life without quite knowing what lay ahead of me. Courtesy of Alice Mahran


What was the most fascinating learning in New York?

Complete dedication to the job! To say we were obsessed with the worlds we were working in is very true.


Through the lens of past experience, what advice can you offer for those interested in a fashion career?

Experience as many areas in the industry as you can. I was lucky enough to have the guidance of many specialists in their areas of fashion as I started in the industry at such a young age, such as fashion stylists, merchandisers and buyers. Eva (Parlour X) and I met in Paris over fifteen years ago. She took me under her wing, we continued to do trips to London and Paris together sitting at the shows and appointments a few times a year. I learnt just how good a good fashion buyer is! Eva is meticulous at every aspect of her job. A true veteran of the Australian fashion industry I felt grateful learning from her also.


Tell us about your multi-part role as Interiors Editor at estliving, with Beauticate, and consulting clients.

A move back to Australia came with an ever-increasing love of interiors. Creating a home to love and live in. To bring me to a state of calm and enjoy the company of my children. Hence the slight transition from a full-time fashion career to a little of both consulting for fashion and interior clients. My style is continuous over both. Courtesy of Alice Mahran


Granted the fashion industry has changed so much in the past decade. How do you feel about the current state of industry?

Budgets are tight, the recession could hit. We need to invest in smart pieces we love. A little more thought in the process of purchasing.


What brands have you come to love the most and why?

I do love the more classic designers yet with change of head designer they also change their look which seems to be happening frequently of late: LoeweChloe, Isabel Marant and of course, Chanel.

Of Australian designers, I love Christopher Esber.

Walking into Parlour X puts me in a precarious position!  


How do you approach getting dressed?

I would describe myself as a fashion minimalist, yet I love new additions to my wardrobe. I would like to be a capsule wardrobe kind of lady yet different shapes, colours and fabrics inspire the way I dress so a fine edit is hard to do! Courtesy of Alice Mahran


As a woman who has a family and career, what does a typical day in your life look like?

6am double shot of espresso (working on this) then the rush of kids’ activity before school commences. I love what I do. Whatever it that might be that day, shooting fashion on set or meeting with an interior’s client. There are rarely two days the same in my job be it fashion or interiors which keeps me inspired for the next project.


What words do you live by?

Be calm, gracious and protective.


To see more of Kristin’s work for Beauticate or estliving, view her personal profile @kristinrawson.

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