Best known for long-standing roles on Australia’s most adored TV shows, actress and model Jodi Anasta is not afraid to experiment in her approach to fashion and beauty. Always on top of red carpet and racing carnival best dressed lists, we talk to the striking beauty about living well, and her most passionate subject; her daughter.   From motherhood to acting to modelling, you wear many hats. Which is your favourite, and why? Being a mother is definitely the most special ‘hat’ for me. My love for acting and fashion comes after that and I’m blessed that my daughter and I share those passions. You split your time between filming Neighbours in Melbourne and family time with your daughter in Sydney. How do you make that work? It was a situation that required a lot of prior planning before making the commitment, but here we are two years on and it works a treat! I miss my daughter Aleeia immensely when I’m not with her, but we make up for it when we’re together. I absolutely love the three days a week I have with her, it is really special time for us. I’m really lucky that I have a lot of support from family, friends and Braith. Given how much time you must spend in the air, what is you go-to plane outfit? I’m currently obsessed with tracksuit pants! My go-to outfit is usually an all-black ensemble consisting of cool trackies, high-waisted or loose pants with a silk cami, V-neck sweater and a blazer or long coat. What is your favourite way to spend the in-air transit time? Listening to music and scripts, scripts, scripts! What do you love the most about Melbourne, and what does Melbourne do better than Sydney? I love the pace of Melbourne, and the people. Things are more relaxed in Melbourne and I really love that. What do you love the most about Sydney, and what does Sydney do better than Melbourne? Sydney does a fabulous night out better! Sydney has many beautiful restaurants where you can get dressed up and be a little OTT. I love to be dressed up for every kind of event - even if it’s a simple dinner with friends. I feel that there’s not as much leniency for this in Melbourne. What has motherhood taught you? Responsibility on a whole new level. It’s made me realise that every action, all that I say and do, influences my daughter. I want Aleeia to always feel loved, happy and free to be herself and I believe that starts with my actions. What do you wish you’d known before becoming a mother? To take time to be relaxed and incorporate that into raising my girl. From the racetrack to the red carpet, you do ‘occasion dressing’ so well. What’s your MO when choosing an outfit for a special event? I look at what the dress code is or the event then I come up with a look I feel will best represent me in that environment. At the end of the day, I always take into account how an outfit will make me look and feel, and what works best on me. What I feel strong in. I’d love to say comfort is a top priority, but I think it’s fine to suffer for fashion if you feel good in it! You regularly collaborate with makeup artist Max May - what is the best beauty tip or trick that you’ve stolen from him? He’s taught me to really take care of my skin and how important it is to maintain healthy skin with a day/night routine. When your skin is amazing, you feel incredible. The make-up you wear also sits better on your face when you really look after and hydrate your skin. What are your top three wardrobe MVPs? Anything textured, leather or silk. Ooh – and trackies! Can’t forget those! What is exciting you now? My daughter’s love for fashion. She has the best eye for putting together an outfit and expressing herself. I love the sense of identity she has already and the way she really embracing it. I took her to Parlour X recently and let her choose a piece for me to wear to dinner that night. She chose a gorgeous blouse that I never would have normally gravitated to, and I loved it! The colour. The style. The detail. How sophisticated it was. She has a great eye and we always have so much fun shopping. You can find Jodi on Instagram @jodigordon  






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