Australian award-winning designer Christopher Esber established his eponymous brand in 2010. 

With a deconstructive approach to tailoring, Christopher Esber creates fashion-forward, unique & functional collections season to season, which radiates a sophisticated undone quality.

Christopher Esber continues to work with our Director, Eva Galambos on exclusive collections.  

X-Files speaks with Chris who describes his current experiences and how he has been navigating the global crisis COVID-19, personally & Professionally, and his hopes for the future. 

How has this crisis affected you?

Professionally..Working more efficiently and smarter.

Personally..Spending more time on myself and reflecting on what’s important. 

Philosophically..How fragile our existence is. The world is so connected and in a way we are operating as one. 

How will you navigate this crisis? 

Professionally..We are reassessing how the business operates and the necessity on many aspects of the business. Looking at what is vital to us.

We have remained calm and kept moving carefully through this period. 

Personally..Taking this time to catch up with loved ones with phone calls. Taking the time read and pursue other interests I normally wouldn’t have time to.

Philosophically..Calmly and with an open mind.

What changes to your life will you make as a result of this experience? 

Professionally..We will be restructuring how many collections we produce a year. We will be planning closer to deadlines rather than longer lead times, which will allow us to manoeuvre quickly and adapt to the new landscape.

Personally..Knowledge is power, taking interests in things I’ve always wanted to do and haven’t had time fully explore.

Philosophically..Appreciating time you have with yourself and your space at home and now.

What advice do you have for your peers?

Professionally..Be strategic and don’t stop.

Personally..Take the time to look back and reassess what has worked and what hasn’t, which we often don’t have time to do.

Philosophically..Try to see the positives. Take this period to slow down and reassess, it’s the “break” we most likely always needed.

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