Pantone have a way of seeing the world in vivid colour. They know when we’re in need of a little courage (Honeysuckle 18-2120, Colour of the Year 2011), harmony (Emerald 17-5641, Colour of the Year 2013), and new beginnings (Greenery 15-0343, Colour of the Year 2017). According to the colour-trend authority, ‘PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral’ is exactly what we need in 2019.

The method to decide on one colour each year is a huge job, with a dedicated committee reviewing thousands of fashion images, films, and design and technology trends.
The colour itself is a very specific synthesis of pink and orange with gold undertones. Laurie Pressman, Pantone’s Vice-President describes the company’s choice for 2019 as, “warm, welcoming and life-affirming.” A cheerful ray of hope in the continually shifting social and cultural environment. We love this sentiment as we move into the new year and onto our resolutions. Be it, living – and shopping – more sustainably in 2019 with ethical fashion choices. Read more about the designer behind ethical fashion label Mother of Pearl, Amy Powney, here.

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On more literal level, Pantone’s colour predictions inspire and infiltrate the fashion industry at every level. Designers takes cues from the season’s hue to invigorate their collections, and retailers keep it front of mind when buying.
Image: Instagram/Pantone
Eva Galambos, Director and Buyer for Parlour X looks to the Pantone colour authority at the beginning of each year to set the tone for the fashion calendar. “A lot of the time, the colour is already quite visible in the market,”Galambos explains. “Loewe released their Anagram T Pouch and Card Holder this season, and they flew off our shelves.” “Just based on that, and the success of the Chloe Nile Minaudiere Bags  in those blush/coral tones, I just know that coral is going to continue to resonate with our customers for the seasons the come,” details Eva.

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Coral doesn’t have to be a head-to-toe vibrant Pucci dress. It’s a versatile colour that can be adapted to your style.
If your style is more about measured minimalism, refresh an old favourite summer dress with a coral clutch, a black-on-black office look with a bright necklace, or update an all-white ensemble with some new season heels. Use Pantone’s coral statement as a source of inspiration, to start making bolder risks with your wardrobe this year. The lesson to take is: don’t be afraid to try new things and  have fun with your fashion. Dressing should be fun after all, a reflection of your personality, mood, and context.

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