Cookie Wang is a fashion lover, trendsetter & lifestyle content creator who has established herself as a style inspiration for many on social media platforms including Instagram, WeChat and Little Redbook. In this style focus, Cookie shows off her top picks from Parlour X and how she styles them. 

Your favourite Parlour X brand?

My favourite brand at Parlour X is Bottega Veneta!

Describe your personal style? What is your philosophy on styling and picking what to wear? 

My style is usually chic and tom-boy but sometimes I can go quite feminine and sexy. I chose what I wear based on the occasion and pretty much how I feel that day. You can say I have a typical Chinese girl style and I am willing to try on new styles whenever I feel like. 

A fashion icon who has influenced your personal style? 

Karlie Kloss! She's cool, edgy and an inspiring boss lady. 

Cookie wears: Balenciaga 80's logo jacket, Bottega Veneta twist back fringe dress, Bottega Veneta board 90mm sandals and Bottega Veneta BV fold bag

Cookie: "the perfect dress from Bottega Veneta. I love the combination of yellows & blue in this look!"

 Cookie wears: Jil Sander plisse turtleneck, Bottega Veneta classic oversized blazer, Bottega Veneta relaxed fit trousers and Bottega Veneta board flat slides, Bottega Veneta the pouch 20

Cookie: "I'm loving this suit from Bottega Veneta and this Jil Sander top is also my favourite!"

Cookie wears: Y/Project ruched cardi-top, Ellery empiricism cropped pant, Bottega Veneta small shoulder bag and Bottega Veneta point slingback 9cm

Cookie: "black on black look is always a goto for winter! I paired it with the Bottega Veneta shoulder pouch and the new season heels in clay to make the look more eye catching!"

Cookie wears: Proenza Shouler safari print maxi dress, Bottega Veneta point twist strap heel and Bottega Veneta mini jodie bag

Cookie: "loving the print and the feminine silhouette!"

Cookie wears: Saint Laurent animal print scoop neck knit, Ellery ars double layer lace skirt and Bottega Veneta point twisted strap heel

Cookie: "looking how romantic and sexy this look makes me feel like, loving the leopard print, of course, you can’t go wrong with a BV flat in nail polish colour."

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