When you've had a career as varied and successful as Claire Fabb, you become something of an expert in your given field. The marketer-turned-stylist-turned-influencer-turned-digital consultant has always operated within the sphere of fashion - but the recent remodelling of her Double Bay home suggests she also knows a thing or two about interior design. The mother of three and founder of digital consultancy Style By Yellow Button kindly opened the doors to her stylish abode to Parlour X, and shared a few professional development and personal styling tips along the way...  

You’ve had a varied career path - as a personal stylist, presenter, influencer and now digital strategist. Can you summarise your professional journey?

My goodness… it has been varied ! My main business has always been Style By Yellow Button however it has evolved over the years. Yellow Button is now purely a digital agency offering support to businesses across social media, content and strategy. I love working with brands presenting and commentating, so this will always be a part of what I do as I still love it. The personal styling period of my career began after I’d had the girls (prior to babies I’d been in marketing). It was a way I could  to create a flexible job and also be a mum. The timing of it coincided with the digital boom and with that, came the opportunity to build the business in the digital space. As demand grew this is where I found a huge amount of personal satisfaction, hence the reason Yellow Button is now a digital agency. My career has come full circle, it’s just happened in a round-about way.

You’re also mum of three. How do you manage the work/family juggle?

The hardest part is when children are little – the demand for time is intense (and time for yourself purely a luxury). For any mums out there – the juggle is real! My girls are 11 and 13 now and Charlie (my stepson) is 12, so it’s a lot easier now as they are older and more independent. My advice for juggling... there is no magic or set way to do things, because each of our situations will be vastly different. Be open to adapting as situations as work/life demands change – they always do. Be kind to yourself and try not to take everything on. (Easier said than done, I know!)

Personal styling has always been a big part of what you do - how can any woman feel great when getting dressed in the morning?

If there is something you love – wear it. If there is a piece of clothing that ‘talks’ to you. Wear it. Don’t keep things for best, mix them in to your every day.

What are the foundations of a great capsule wardrobe?

Ohh great blazers for winter. I'm MAD for them. The perfect-fitting jeans – they might take a while to find, but when you do – buy two pairs in different washes. A statement shoe – pump for winter that is comfortable and wearable for any occasion. A long printed dress (I’m mad for florals this season) and boots. White crisp shirts. Beautiful cashmere knits. Refresh your t-shirts. A beautiful leather handbag. Statement earrings, also.

What are this season’s must-have wardrobe updaters?

Accessories are a wonderful way of updating your wardrobe. Bold earrings, a fabulous eye-catching shoe, you can never go wrong with a new bag – it’s a forever piece. For me this season – it’s all about the dress (and as someone who rarely wears one, I’m excited).

How would you describe your personal style in 5 words?

Classic yet eclectic. Bold and boyish. Six words!

You’ve recently renovated your home. How does your personal style interplay with your interior decorating style?

Definitely. I don’t have a formula... It literally is whatever I see and there is an instant attraction to. For example, with interiors it’s wonderful to see a piece of marble in a warehouse, stacked with 5,000 slabs, then selecting it because there is that unspoken ‘something’ about it. Each slab is so different – it’s like art. But when it comes to life in your home it’s that moment that you’ve visualised for months and months, and the satisfaction of seeing it shape into your home. That’s pretty exciting and definitely satisfying.

What feature of aspect of your home do you adore the most?

I love the powder room – the smallest room in the house yet the boldest. Wall-paper, mirrored walls, mosaic tiles and a concealed cupboard. It was a small space we could really have fun with and we did! I adore our bedroom and bathroom too…. Oh wow, that’s a hard question.

What role does social media play in your personal, and professional, life?

To be honest it’s not a huge part of my personal life. I try and switch off as much as I can to be present with the family (they might debate this!). However I’m much better at separating my work and home now than I used to be. Having three almost-teenagers and seeing how social media plays such a huge role in how they all communicate... it’s insightful. I’m a lot more aware of the importance of being disconnected than before. We have phone-free Sundays and I have to say, it’s the best day of the week.

What are you excited about, next?

On a professional side - I’m really enjoying working with my clients and seeing their businesses grow and evolve and I’m lucky enough to work with some truly inspiring people. On a personal side, Jamie and I are heading to India for two weeks – and I cannot wait. Culture, colour and curry… here we come!! You can find Claire on Instagram at @stylebyyellowbutton  

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