Chloe Jiang is a Shanghai-born, Sydney banker who has quietly carved a thriving social profile through Instagram and Redbook. With a dynamic full-time role specialising in trade finance, Chloe cultivated her creative side-line to share her stylish weekend experiences. Fortuitously, Chloe’s husband Roye Lok also has a great eye for photography, and over time Chloe’s personal profile has flourished into the tens of thousands. A longstanding Parlour X loyalist, X-Files learns more about Chloe’s dual role as a professional and influencer.


Tell us about your professional background and education.

It is funny that I didn’t get into finance until after I got my bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature. When I moved to Sydney, I figured that I needed a versatile profession that allowed me to discover more options when searching for a job. Banking and Finance became my first choice. I had always wanted to be a teller when I was a kid, as I found them so cool standing behind the counter counting money. That is how simple it was. Et Voila, I finished my Master in Banking and Finance at Sydney Uni and got a job in one of the major fours. Courtesy of Chloe Jiang


What experiences led you to become a trade and supply chain banker?

I started my banking career from retail business helping clients with their personal banking needs. Then I moved to Corporate and Commercial Banking as a credit analyst where I could finally apply my finance background. It was during that period that I developed my interest in working capital solutions and how they can assist to release extra cash while minimising risks.  


What elements of your role in banking do you find the most rewarding?

It is when customer tells you how your insights and proposition has helped their business grow.  I deal with a lot of Australian importers and exporters sourcing and selling their products all over the world. Sometimes it is not easy to get their foot in the door especially when dealing with certain geographies with different languages, trading terms and legislations. And that’s where I can help out with the bank’s international footprint and globally accessible technology. It’s not about selling a product but becoming a trusted strategic partner of your customer and growing together. Courtesy of Chloe Jiang


When did you begin documenting your fashion and lifestyle choices?

It was about two years ago when I started to use Instagram… I’ve always had a big wardrobe, but I’ve never thought about sharing it through social media. Every night before bed, I make sure I know what I’m wearing the next day. Sometimes if I had no idea, I would scroll through Instagram just to be inspired. And that’s how I started, I know there must be other girls like me trying to find outfit inspirations and I hope my posts can bring them some of that inspired feeling! 


How do you feel about sharing parts of your life with your audience?

The intention was to inspire other girls when they struggle finding an outfit. Apart from that, I don’t share too much of my personal life and I like to be private but also show sincerity at the same time. Courtesy of Chloe Jiang


What does having a creative outlet bring to your working week?

The most important thing is that it brings me confidence! If I’m not comfortable with what I’m wearing, I’ll stay in a bad mood for the whole day. It is also a good ice breaker… My colleagues like to promote my Instagram for first time meetings and people are always amazed to hear how many followers I have on Instagram.  


What does it take to get the ‘right shot’?

For me being natural without faking anything is the best way. That being said, I’m very bad at posing for professional shooting (like during my X-Files shoot)!    


What social channels do you most enjoy and why?

Instagram hands down! It does not need too much editing and description. Perfect for people like me who have a busy full-time job.   Courtesy of Chloe Jiang  


Is it tricky balancing your two roles?

Sometimes when I get really busy but generally it works fine. Instagram is my main platform and it does not require much editing time. I have also thought about starting a YouTube channel however, I never have got to it.  


Who are your all-time favourite fashion designers?

Ganni and Isabel Marant! I love a laid-back, playful style but pieces that are still classy and can remain as wardrobe staples.  


We know you are loving the midi-heel. What are your favourite trends right now?

I know we are in winter now but lucky we are in Australia! Slides and sandals are my all-time favourite. 


What’s next, Chloe?

Obviously, I’m still looking for a career development in banking but at the same time I would like to provide more content on my social media and be inspirational to my audience.  

Intrigued by Chloe’s personal and professional flair? Follow Chloe on @chloeinabubble.

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