As the countdown begins for Chinese New Year, it's probably time to start thinking about your outfit. Unlike western iterations of this celebration, the Chinese New Year is a social event steeped in symbolism and tradition. Even in 2019, there are style rules that continue to hold relevance across all generations. There are plenty of ways to honour the ancient traditions of the past, without compromising on your personal style today. We've pulled together four easy-to-follow rules for dressing this Chinese New Year...

Say it with us: inspired styling. You don’t need to dress in head-to-toe red to ring in the new year. Take inspiration from the customary cheongsam dress and buy a top with a high-collar, or try a printed jumpsuit with a bold red print. It’s about paying homage. There are plenty of ways to incorporate tradition while dressing in something you feel comfortable in.  
This lucky colour is symbolic for ‘happiness, passion and luck’ - all things we definitely need more of. For anyone celebrating their Ben Ming Nian (zodiac) year, this will especially ring true for you. While a full red ensemble can be tricky to pull off, there are contemporary ways of incorporating the colour into your outfit, be it via a bag, jewellery, a print, or shoes.
Give your LBD the night off. Black and white still conjure negative undertones of funeral dressing, so use this opportunity to treat yourself to a bright party frock that makes your feel extra special. If red isn’t your colour, try a variation of that hue – like orange, pink or colour of the year, living coral.
While new clothes can symbolise new beginnings, wearing something old with sentimental value is equally as important to honour. Make it your grandmother’s vintage watch, or a ring your mother bought you for your sweet sixteenth. Ring in the new, amongst the old. To celebrate this special occasion, we spoke with five of our favourite Chinese influencers about their New year wish lists and 2019 style resolutions.

Chloe Jiang

INFLUENCER & BANKER "I need more patterns and prints for my wardrobe as the only pattern I’m wearing now is stripes (if this counts!)"  

Icy Ling

FASHION & BEAUTY EDITOR OF INDULGENCE "Mix-match to get a sporty + chic look! I want to see the active side of me, movements make fashion go live."

Silvie Wei

LIFESTYLE CONTENT CREATOR "Be more with less. Purchase wisely and purchase quality."

Jerlin Lin

FASHION EDITOR OF VISION MAGAZINE "Simple colours often create unlimited possibilities."

Vivian Wang

CROSS-CULTURE MARKETING CONSULTANCY CO-FOUNDER "The best way to rejuvenate my wardrobe is to add key pieces with updated textures, and fun accessories to lift up the total look." Have you picked out your Chinese New Year look yet? Check out our new arrivals for inspiration.
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