London-based, Sydney-born Hermione Underwood offers an escape into the most coveted destinations in the world, from a stylish perspective. Here, Hermione shares a must-see travel list to the ultra glamorous and exclusive summer destination of Capri.

Describe the destination in 5 words

I only need 3. Heaven. On. Earth. 

Where would you recommend people stay when visiting, and why?

I stayed at Hotel Luna last year with my closest family friends and loved it. It’s beautifully located, overlooks the Faraglioni and with big grounds and gardens, it feels like a secret haven away from the crowds.

Capri Tiberio Palace is also beautiful, as is Villa Mediterranea.

What is your favourite restaurant in town? And what is the must-order dish?

Spend your days at one of the beach clubs dotted around the island. My favourite is La Fontelina. Order a fresh peach bellini and the Fontelina pasta between swims off the rocks.

At night, sit amongst the lemon trees at the famous Restaurant Da Paolino. Everything on the menu is delicious but be sure to leave room for the dessert room… imagine huge bowls of whipped cream and overflowing bowls of berries.

Where’s great to go for...

... cocktails or drinks? Sit in the main Piazetta for a bellini at one of the cafes, perhaps Gran Caffe and watch the fabulous outfits sashay by.

... a long lunch? Il Riccio… again, save room for the dessert room! Why do big bowls of whipped cream get me every time?!

... a quick bite? Buonocore Gelateria for the very best gelato of your life! You will smell the fresh waffle cones being pressed as you walk through town. They also have great espresso and panini.

... a fine dining experience? Aurora or La Capannina.

What’s the most Instagram-friendly spot in town?

My favourite photo spot is at Lido del Faro, watching the local Italian kids jump off the rocks and into the bay.

Best place to take a stroll and see the sights?

It’s only a small island, you don’t need my guidance here. Get lost in the main town but also be sure to take a taxi sweeping up the hills to Anacapri, it’s worth it for the views from the top!

What is the one experience, unique to this destination, that you can’t have anywhere else in the world?

Evenings are my favourite time in Capri because the crowds leave, the ferries stop running and it’s just the people staying on the island wandering the little alleyways.

Outline your itinerary for the perfect 24 hours.

Take a morning boat trip around the island, jumping in and out of the grotto’s, take day beds, jump in and out of the waves and indulge in a seafood lunch at one of the beach clubs, pop in to the shops on your way to evening drinks in the main piazza and enjoy a late dinner at Paolino before tucking into bed and doing it all again the following day.

What’s your go-to outfit for a day (of sight-seeing) in Capri?

A summery dress over your swimsuit, sandals, an oversized hat and a basket bag.

Anything visitors avoid or be wary of when visiting?

It’s a lovely walk to Fontelina / Luigi’s from town and there’s also a private Fontelina boat. I’d suggest walking there down the hill to the day club and then taking the ferry back at the end of the day, you might be feeling lazy after a few aperol spritz’s. Always book taxi’s in advance, there are a limited number on the island and it will save you a lot of time.

Most useful phrase to learn (if overseas)?

“Ghiaccio per favore” (ice please)!!

What is the song that best encapsulates this place to you?

Dean Martin - That’s Amore.



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