Billie Iveson is the fashion and beauty director of cult Australian title, RUSSH magazine. For over eight years, through storytelling and bringing visual concepts to life for the title, Billie embodies and reflects the way intelligent women approach fashion and beauty to create their own distinctive style. We talk career, Paris and productivity with the editor, for the X-FILES.

Tell us about your role as fashion and beauty director of RUSSH magazine, what is involved day to day?

Every day is different which I love. I might be shooting a story on set, liaising with our international contributor team or working on layouts. I also then have meetings – from brands, to PRs, to creative contributors. Some days are in the office all day and others I’m travelling for long stretches.

What drew your initial interest to fashion?

My mother is a fashion designer and I always knew I wanted to be in the industry in some capacity – but curating and creating rather than designing.

What has been the most challenging part of your role?

Managing lots of different personalities always keeps things interesting.

What is your best piece of professional advice?

Be kind. Trust your intuition.

Do you have a mentor or ultimate collaborator?

I am constantly inspired by such a wide range of creative people – many of whom I’m lucky enough to work with.

What type of leader do you think you are, or are trying to be?

I would like to think I’m a compassionate leader who leads by example.

As a fashion and beauty director, time is precious. Can you share your productivity hacks?

I always have a list, but I must say most things I just do as they come up. I thrive under time constraints – it has made me very efficient.  When you travel a lot, you have to be able to work anywhere – back of a cab, on the opposite time zone, sitting waiting for a show to start.

What has been the most memorable or rewarding project in your career to date?

Each issue offers a new opportunity to work on exciting shoots and projects. Some of the travelling shoots have been amazing – getting to travel somewhere exotic and then working through the challenges of working on the ground there. I love supporting emerging talent – seeing them fulfill dreams or have a brand that reaches new heights after being featured in RUSSH is so rewarding.

You are often travelling to Paris and Milan on business for fashion week. What are your on-the-ground rituals once landed?

I always answer urgent emails in the car from the airport. After I check in, I have a shower and do a facemask. Moisturising helps everything! Then I meditate. If I can I try and go for a quick walk – getting out in the sunshine helps a lot.

We know you love the classics. What are you wearing right now?

I do love the classics. I am wearing a new Matteau black summer dress with Chloe velvet slides.

What are you personally and/or creatively drawn to?

I am drawn to people who do what they say they are going to do. I am drawn to people who have a passion for life. Follow RUSSH Magazine for a curatorial dose of fashion, beauty, art, music and film and stay engaged with Billie Iveson for a glimpse of her personal inspirations, here.

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