Beth Levis is the kind of woman who on the surface appears to be the perfect fashion plate; a photogenic front row regular with a killer wardrobe, who happens to be part of one the most respected families in the Australian fashion industry (she's married to Justin Levis, Cue's executive director and son of founder Rod Levis). But look closer and you'll find a 34 year old mum-of-four who is juggling her new-found Instagram fame - and with it a new business - with a busy personal life and an unusually glamorous social calendar. Given Levis' nous for putting together an elegant after-dark ensemble, we invited the chic Sydney-sider to model Parlour X's party-appropriate new season arrivals. Add Levis' down-to-earth nature and her impeccable style to the mix and we're sure we'll all be seeing a lot more of this fashionable face in 2018...  

Who is Beth Levis, in 5 words or less?

Mother, Professional Chocolate Consumer (can that please be a thing?), Fashion Lover.  

Feminism is an important cause for you. How can we all be better feminists?

By standing up to violence against women. Firstly by speaking out against it, but above all by supporting those who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, violence.  

Who are your go-to designers?

For special occasions, Saint Laurent and Tom Ford. For weekend wear, Cecilie Copenhagen. For shoes I love Adidas, Gucci and Valentino and for jewellery I adore Alinka and Sarah and Sebastian.  

You’re a mum of four (impressive!). How has your style changed - if at all - after having kids?

My style is constantly evolving but the noticeable change after kids is the move to clothes that can be worn day-to-night (time is of the essence now) and looks that involve flats. I personally don’t feel comfortable wearing heels when I'm with the children, so instead I opt for a flat or a sneaker with a designer outfit.

You’re relatively new to Instagram. Tell us about how and why you started your account:

The fashion industry is ever evolving, and what we are witnessing now is the age of the digital influencer and their power over the industry. I created my account to keep up with this trend initially, but secretly it's an avenue to utilise my creative side, my love for fashion and for breaking the rules. I love the challenge of taking on a new hobby, especially the need to update my digital and photography skills.  

What's the latest addition to your wardrobe?

A nude Dior clutch, which is perfect for any of my lighter-toned outfits for summer.  

What item are you currently wearing on high rotation?

Most definitely my Saint Laurent jeans. Although, I recently pulled an '80s brown silk suit out of the Cue archives and I have quite a few visions of wearing this on high repeat once the weather cools down! It’s so crazy, I love it!  

What was your favourite item from your PX shoot?

EVERYTHING! My shopping list is too long at Parlour X! If I had to pick a few it would be the Saint Laurent velvet dress, Saint Laurent Freja shoes and Fendi everything (jumper, skirt, sunglasses, shoes, bags!).  

What is the one item that everyone woman should invest in this season?

A fun pair of sunglasses - the crazier the better! Summer is all about breaking the rules and having some fun!  

What’s your most-used emoji?

The love heart. I tend to use emoji’s on my private Instagram account, which is essentially just photos of my kids.  

What's your secret to keeping your aesthetic pared-back but not basic?

I am a huge fan of tone-on-tone dressing. It's a look that is so simple, but has maximum impact. Recently I did tone-on-tone for both Melbourne Cup and Oaks Day. Everything from the hat to the sunglasses to the shoes and accessories were red. The look received Top Dressed on both Vogue and Elle online.


Cedric Charlier


$2,145 $585



Cedric Charlier


$2,145 $585

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