Talking personal style and beauty rituals, discover our behind-the-scenes shoot with Beauticate founder Sigourney Cantelo. On location at one of Sigourney's favourite local haunts, the Parlour Room in Sydney’s Clovelly Beach, Sigourney couples modern beauty looks with her favourite Parlour X SS19 selections. Compliments to Jessica Diez for creating Sigourney's signature hair and make-up look. Read Sigourney Cantelo's complete industry interview on X-Files, here.

Talk us through your career evolution?

I’ve been a journalist for 16 years – mostly in print, working as a beauty and health director in magazines. A few years ago I left my job on Vogue to build my website – I had to learn a lot about digital very fast, but I never looked back. Back when I went to uni (I did a BA Comms at UTS) there was very little practical teaching about magazines, let alone digital – I learnt everything I know now on the job. I think the journalism curriculums are more practical these days, but nothing beats the school of life.  

How do you keep evolving ‘Beauticate’ in an ever-changing digital landscape?

I’m constantly looking at ways we can improve. This year we celebrate our fifth birthday and we are about to relaunch the site with a refreshed design and an exciting new product and shopping initiative- so watch this space! It’s something we’ve been working on for nearly a year so it’s incredibly exciting to get off the ground.  

What do you love about beauty?

I love the effect that the right products can have on our confidence. Every woman deserves to feel her absolute best and having the right tools and know-how can help. I hope that - even in some small way - Beauticate can assist with that. I also love that the beauty industry is creativity married with science. There are constant innovations and it’s ever-changing! There’s always something new to report on and review.

What is your morning beauty routine?

Once I’ve got the kids off to their respective care, I try to meditate for 20 minutes. Vedic meditation literally changed my life (I did a course with Gary Gorrow about ten years ago and recently did a refresher with The Broad Place - both were incredible). When you meditate it gives you a serene contentment that I think is the essence of true beauty. When I keep a regular meditation practice I feel like I radiate with happiness. Lately I’ve been practising IM (Intermittent Fasting) - so I try to skip breakfast. I’ll just have a matcha tea or matcha almond latte and two big glasses of water. Fasting is hard as I’m a diehard sourdough and avo fan, but I do notice a big difference in my body when I do it. I LOVE my food and exercise has taken a backseat at the moment so IM is a good way to keep things in check. Makeup wise, if I have an event I’ll do a full face (and document it on @beauticate and @sigourneycantelo instastories) testing out the latest products that have landed. When I’m not eventing or doing meetings I’ll just smooth on some It Cosmetics CC Cream (a fab base and sunscreen in one) and some Lanolips and that’s it! I get lash extensions at Love Those Lashes in Paddington so I can skip the eye makeup on those days.

Detail your personal style? 

I like structured and tailored pieces such as feminine dresses and skirts by Isabel Marant and Valentino - which are perfect for the working week. Blouses with fitted pants (obsessed with the Cedric Charlier tapered trousers in the shoot) and blazers. I generally gravitate towards neutrals (black, navy, tan and white) but also love an all-out floral or leopard print. One of the easiest ways I dress up my office wear for evening is to add a statement earring and I’m a big fan of silk scarves with coats and knits in winter. On the weekend and days sans meetings I dial it right back with denim and white tees and I don’t last long in heels even for events (I keep multiple pairs of flats in my car and at my desk for that reason!). Stay connected with Sigourney Cantelo via Beauticate, or read her fabulous guide to Lake Como on X Files here.  
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