Adding a playful and fun dimension to wearable every-day looks; designer Marnie Skillings embraces colourful combinations and curates her new season selects by Isabel Marant, Chloé and Maison Margiela. Founding her self-titled fashion label in 2000 and immediately emerging as a leading Australian designer talent, the brand was worn by women seeking feminine nonchalance with vintage nuances. Today, Skillings cultivates her abundant creative flow as a freelance designer and consultant. Captured at Contemporary Hotels private residence Mona Vista in Sydney’s scenic Darling Point, Skillings emulates just how to inject instant attitude into your looks and for the X-Files, shares a preview of her newest creative pursuit.

How did your origins in fashion begin? My early background was very arty, hippy, country girl. I moved to Sydney after finishing an Arts degree to study fashion at East Sydney Technical College. In 2000, I started my label to explore the creative ideas I had.
What do you cherish most about working for yourself?  I often work or collaborate with friends and I also collaborate with my husband Emil Vrisakis which further entangles us all! I love the freedom that working for myself allows. I love being able to drop my children off to school and daycare, I love to also start my day with some exercise which allows me to focus…. I am a bit of a gypsy! Which designers do you gravitate towards now? I am afraid I am not very loyal to any one single item; I love all my clothes so much I like to make sure they all get regular outings! Where do you cultivate the most creative energy from? Just the world; music, art, reading, movies or people I see in the street. Substantial researching and also just taking it all in…. Can you tell us more about your next creative move? I still and always will love to work with and collaborate with other individuals and companies. But I am also quietly working on my own little project ‘skillings’  which will launch later in 2019. I just felt like I had something to say again creatively.
  For the entire X-Files interview with Marnie Skillings, read it on X-Files here. Keep watching Marnie Skillings moves via Instagram: @skillingsthe and @marnieskillings.
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