Angela is a Sydney-based influencer and professional, well known by her alias @fassionfruitgirl. Her journey in the fashion industry began while working for Gucci and has seen her transition to her current position at LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics. In 2017, she created her own fashion blog, which quickly gained a following on both Instagram and Chinese social media platforms. In this style guide, Angela shares her approach to styling this season's effortlessly chic and wearable pieces from Parlour X.

What are your favourite Parlour X brands?  
I love Bottega Veneta, Isabel MarantJacquemus and Maison Margiela.  

How would you describe your favourite style? 
Always neutral, sometimes minimal and playful. 

What is your philosophy on styling and choosing what to wear? 
On styling, I always make sure the whole outfit looks balanced and doesn’t highlight everything at the same time, 70% neutrals and 30% colours. I like playing with layers, contrasting & asymmetry. 

In terms of picking, I would follow 80/20 rule. 80% of the items I choose need to be able to create at least three looks, 20% of the items can be trendy styles, special prints, or not easy match colours. Shop smart and wear smart!  

A fashion icon who has influenced your personal style?        
Currently @leoniehanne, @brittanyxavier and @jessalizzi.  

Look One 

Angela wears Valentino V Logo Blouse and Pleated Skirt with the V Ring Reversible Belt and Bottega Veneta Small Shoulder Bag.

Angela: "I always love wearing logos... the bold Valentino pieces just caught my eye and I could not let go of the Valentino V Ring belt. The minimal Bottega Veneta bag was the perfect match for this outfit to balance the print and colour". 

Look Two

Angela wears Fendi FF Logo Knit Top and Sacai Contrast Pleated Skirt with Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote.

Angela: "I’m absolutely a Fendi fan and will go for any Fendi logo pieces. I’m also obsessed with neutral colours and the Sacai skirt obviously took my fancy. I really love how the shades layer the look but also blend together really well". 

Look Three

Angela wears Isabel Marant Etoile Linya Blazer and Etoile Lowea Tapered Pants with the Durfee Ankle Boots and Maison Margiela Glam Slam Quilted Bag.

Angela: "I think no matter what the occasion may be, you can never go wrong wearing blazers and suits. For consistency, I chose a pair of white boots and a white bag to brighten the whole look". 

Look Four

Angela wears Christopher Esber Deconstructed Knit Top and Pleated Knit Skirt with Jacquemus Le Grand Chiquito Bag.

Angela: "Christopher Esber always reminds me that knitwear can be stylish as well. To balance the tight-fitting look from the fabric I chose to wear it cropped and left the shoulders open so the whole look is breathable and playful".  

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