Alyce Tran is a woman on a mission! Having founded the accessories brand The Daily Edited in 2014, Alyce carved a niche for a personalised, accessible & coveted product which is now seen the world over! Recently, Alyce has also launched her new business In the Roundhouse; creating unique & modern homewares. Starting out in corporate law, Alyce shares how The Daily Edited evolved into an in-demand global fashion brand, insights on how to start your own company & shares her daily style mantra. 

Tell us about your formal background as a corporate lawyer prior to starting The Daily Edited. What led you to establish The Daily Edited?

Well long story short, I hated talking to my friends about my legal work (boring, who wants to hear about that) and started TDE as a creative outlet that then turned into a clothing line and now is a global accessories brand.

What is your advice to those who are thinking about changing career paths like you did?

You can always start out small and see how something goes before fully investing in changing your career!

Alyce wears: Proenza Schouler Safari Print Cap/SL Midi dress in fatigue, Bottega Veneta  Point Twisted Strap Hell 9cm Clay & Chloé Tess Wallet on Chain in Sepia Brown from Parlour X.

Starting off as a passion project & growing into the business it is today, how has The Daily Edited grown & changed since the beginning?

TDE has evolved so much, from a small business operating out of my dining room in 2015 to now a global brand with stores across Australia and the US. 

The Daily Edited has evolved into an accessory powerhouse, with styles from phone cases to handbags & everything in between. What is next?

I think we’ve gone really wide -  too wide perhaps and if anything we will be refining our offering as we’ve learnt so much about what works and what doesn’t for the brand. 

What has been the most rewarding & the most challenging aspect of running your own successful business?

Working on my own schedule and being able to be flexible is great. The most challenging part is meeting people’s expectations from staff to family and friends who keep asking what is next! When is what I am doing going to be enough? Haha.

Alyce wears: Bottega Veneta Belted trench Jacket in BlackSlim Leg Pants in BlackPoint Twisted Strap Heel 3cm in Nail Polish & Fendi Mini Baguette Bag with Canvas Strap in Yellow from Parlour X.  Phone case from The Daily Edited. 

Where do you think you get your entrepreneurial spirit from?

My parents are very entrepreneurial, they have always and still do have an assortment of businesses, so I’ve never known anything different.

Where do you find inspiration for The Daily Edited products?

Anywhere from Instagram, to travel, to books and magazines.

Social media and developing campaigns around influential identities and young celebrities like Hailey Beiber and the Stallone sisters is an instrumental part of the brand identity. Why? 

Well I often say I wouldn’t have a business if it weren’t for social media. Social media gave us the ability to market and get our product out there without spending any real marketing dollars.  We have aligned with a range of celebrities to assist us in creating imagery around our brand and product that has resonated with our customer base to help to continue to grow our brand!

When collaborating with brands, or creatives like your sister Caroline Tran – what’s the most important thing you look to achieve?

A fusion of two styles and aesthetics to create something new! 

Alyce wears: Proenza Schouler Zig Zag Polo Knit Top S/S Zig Zag Ribbed Skirt in Black by Proenza Schouler, Bottega Veneta Padded Curve Sandal 90mm in Bordeaux & Fendi Continental Chain Wallet in Pink from Parlour X. Phone case from The Daily Edited

What area of the business will you never delegate?

Social media – yes I answer all of the DMs still on @thedailyedited it gives me a good gauge on the issues in the business.

How do you find balance between your work & personal life?

My work is very much integrated into my life and having people around me that understand that helps me through.

Walk us through your daily routine.

Bondi – Bronte walk, coffee, spin, maybe a bit more exercise (reformer or a jog), eat something, do some emails at home and then go to a store, office, meeting and then home for dinner or out to dinner (my COVID-19 routine).

What changes do you see happening to the industry as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

Businesses are moving to the model we have been on since day one – see now, buy now and creating product according to consumer demand.

As a true fashion lover, what are you wearing right now?

I wear a lot of Celine – right now some Celine trousers, shirt and coat.  It’s my go-to, so comfortable, effortless and all the pieces across different collections seem to work together which to me takes the fuss out of dressing. 

Alyce wears: Maison Poi Fluid Split Sleeve Blouse, Fluid Asymmetric Split Skirt in Raspberry, Bottega Veneta's Chain Cassette Bag in Black & Jil Sander High Neck Pump with Curved Heel 65mm in Black from Parlour X. Phone case from The Daily Edited. 

What are you favourite Parlour X brands?

Love Bottega Veneta, Jacquemus and Paco Rabanne.

What is next for you?

I’m hoping to develop my other side hustle – In the Roundhouse a bit more, it’s a tabletop homewares brand.

You can find Alyce Tran on instagram @alyce_tran, & also check out @thedailyedited & @intheroundhouse

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