Having founded accessories brand The Daily Edited in 2011, Alyce Tran carved a niche for a personalised, accessible and coveted product. Starting out in corporate law, Alyce shares how the brand evolved into an in-demand global fashion brand and insights on how to start your own company.

Tell us about your formal background as a corporate lawyer prior to conceiving The Daily Edited. What let you to establish The Daily Edited?
Well long story short, I hated talking to my friends about my legal work (boring, who wants to hear about that) and started TDE as a creative outlet that then turned into a clothing line and now is a global accessories brand.

Where do you think you get your entrepreneurial spirit from?
My parents are very entrepreneurial, they have always and still do have an assortment of businesses, so I’ve never known anything different.

How has founding the business affected and challenged you?
Unfortunately, I have become time poor and have less time for my friends and family, I spend a lot of time with Caroline [my sister] as we live together but it’s hard to keep your personal life full with an all-consuming business. What has been the most rewarding professional moment so far?
I think opening stores in the US was a big thing for us, we are a completely self-funded business (no debt, no external investment) so I think what we have achieved is tremendous.

Social media and developing campaigns around influential identities and young celebrities like Hailey Baldwin and the Stallone sisters is an instrumental part of the brand identity. Why?
Well I often say I wouldn’t have a business if it weren’t for social media, social media gave us the ability to market and get our product out there without spending any real marketing dollars.  We’ve have aligned with a range of celebrities to assist us in creating imagery around our brand and product that has resonated with our customer base to help to continue to grow our brand!

When collaborating with brands, or creatives like your sister Caroline Tran – what’s the most important thing you look to achieve?
A fusion of two styles and aesthetics to create something new!

As a true fashion lover, what are you wearing right now?
I wear a lot of Celine – right now some Celine trousers, shirt and coat.  It’s my go-to, so comfortable, effortless and all the pieces across different collections seem to work together which to me takes the fuss out of dressing.

You’ve rolled out stores in Singapore, the US and all over Australia. What are your plans for TDE?
To continue to grow the brand in these regions and globally, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.

What is next for you personally?
Hopefully one day getting married and having children (I ask my boyfriend about this pretty much on a fortnightly basis!). You can find Alyce on Instagram @alyce_tran

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