To the outside, the world of fashion illustration looks like a whimsical place. But one of the biggest players in this highly competitive creative space has a surprising backstory that belies his glossy CV. Aaron Favaloro heralds from Sydney's Northern Beaches and drawing for him a was a mere distraction from his less-than-interesting maths class. Little did he know that his high school hobby would soon become his profession, nor that he would go on to work for the likes of Rolls Royce, Sisley, Moët & Chandon, Swarovski and Estée Lauder. This year for Mother's Day we commissioned Aaron to create a bespoke window installation to help celebrate this special day. Pop in to the boutique on Wednesday the 9th of May to meet the renowned illustrator for yourself, and you could walk away with a bespoke art work of your own. More details here.  

How did you develop your illustration skills?

I have always loved sketching for as long as I remember, illustration for me was a form of escapism, it has always been a place in which I can dream and create. My compulsion for sketching during school, especially maths class, did later win me a scholarship to the Whitehouse Institute of Design. I then went onto study at East Sydney Tafe, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my obsession for illustration could turn into my dream profession.

Aaron Favaloro Interview Parlour X  

Your drawings have ended up in the hands, and homes, of the world’s biggest celebrities and fashion icons. Whose appreciation for your work has surprised you the most?

I think having a picture of Oprah holding my work was insane, and then also Gigi Hadid letting me know that my work hangs in the entry way to her New York apartment was mind blowing!  

What sort of people/characters do you love to draw most?

Oh, it always varies but my work tries to focus not on the way someone looks but rather to evoke their sense of style and how they carry themselves. So anyone intrinsically authentic in the way they dress draws me in like a bee to honey.  

You’ve worked with some incredible fashion brands – from Chanel to Parlour X –  what would you nominate as being the most challenging and/or rewarding collaboration to date?

Having my work apart of the Freeze for Frieze silent auction with Moncler was one that I remember. Sitting alongside names like Chris Martin, Suzy Menkes and Jessica Chastain that was a pinch-me moment, like "How the hell did this happen?!" Also, Parlour X as the fashion destination for Sydney, and having my illustrations on such iconic windows, was another insane moment.  

Aaron Favaloro Interview Parlour X  

You grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Where you always interested in art and fashion as a child? 

Hmmm, I don’t know. We grew up with not much money, so as kids we always had to make our own fun; you know, make time machines in the backyard from stuff under the house or imagining your own world under a bed sheet. I think my drive to create and dream in those years always meant no matter where I was, a pen and paper meant I could be transported into another place. It was a way to get what was in my head out. I have always loved fashion and art, yet not one to reflect, I always want to see what I can do next, what can I change and improve upon. I feel fashion is the same, very reactive and progressive. It sits well with my sentiments.  

What professional advice would you give any aspiring fashion illustrator?

Never say no, no matter how terrifying - as every step leads to the next. And to be grateful, from the smallest job to the biggest.  

How important has social media been to the success of your career?

My social media has given me a platform to connect with like-minded passionate people, I mean I know I keep saying this but never did I imagine that I could do this as my living, I couldn’t have even dreamed this big; it blows my MIND!!  

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year? 

With Parlour X! There's no harder job in my eyes; my mum worked like crazy when I was growing up and I'm not sure how she did it all! She is magic in my eyes, so every day is Mother's Day. You can find Aaron on Instagram at @aaronfavaloro

Aaron Favaloro Interview Parlour X

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